Author: Eva Elliott

Eva Elliott

Eva Elliott is a passionate author and flower enthusiast whose love for blooms has inspired her to share her knowledge with others. With a deep understanding of the beauty and intricacies of flowers, Eva has written several books on the subject, each showcasing her expertise and appreciation for these lovely plants. Eva's love for flowers shines through in her writing, and her books are a must-read for anyone who shares her appreciation for these beautiful and fragrant gifts from nature.

Often we look at houseplants and indoor plant collections and just see green. An abundance of leaves is vivid in our minds when we think of plants you can grow indoors, but don’t be fooled into thinking there aren’t any blooming houseplants. You may be surprised to hear that there is actually a huge selection of pretty plants to grow indoors. But with so many good flowering house plants out there, how do you choose? We searched far and wide for the best indoor flowers you can grow at home and instantly add a pop of colour to your interior.…

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