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Thu, Dec 03, 2020

12 of the Best Flowering House Plants to Brighten Up Your Home This Winter

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12 of the Best Flowering House Plants to Brighten Up Your Home This Winter Article Preview

Often we look at houseplants and indoor plant collections and just see green. An abundance of leaves is vivid in our minds when we think of plants you can grow indoors, but don’t be fooled into thinking there aren’t any blooming houseplants. You may be surprised to hear that there is actually a huge selection of pretty plants to grow indoors. But with so many good flowering house plants out there, how do you choose?

We searched far and wide for the best indoor flowers you can grow at home and instantly add a pop of colour to your interior. This list of indoor flowering plants is our top 12 so if you don’t like the look of any of these easy flowering houseplants, then don’t panic! There is sure to be the perfect flowering houseplant for you out there somewhere.

For this list, we’ve taken into account many variables that make a plant something special. You’ll find small flowering house plants, house plants that grow tall, tropical flowering house plants and indoor flowers for beginners.

Wax Begonias

Wax Begonias
  • Otherwise Known As Bedding Begonias, Begonia Semperflorens
  • Origin: South and Central America, Africa, Asia
  • Visual Features: White flowers with glossy dark green leaves

Wax Begonias are one of the best indoor flowering plants for beginners, they adore plenty of sunlight and are very comfortable in pots, so don’t worry about repotting your begonias too often. Be sure to water deeply, however, ensure the water has fully drained so the roots don’t start to rot!

African Violets

african violets
  • Otherwise Known As Saintpaulia, Streptocarpus
  • Origin: Tanzania
  • Visual Features: Fuzzy dark green leaves with a cluster of bright purple flowers

African violets and the life and soul of the indoor garden party! These small flowering houseplants won’t take up too much space but will add a burst of colour to every nook and cranny. While African Violets aren’t the easiest to grow houseplants that flower, their stunning appearance is certainly worth the tailored care.

Peace Lilies

peace lilies
  • Otherwise Known As: Closet plants, Spathiphyllum
  • Origin: Tropical rainforests, specifically those in South and Central America
  • Visual Features: Long thin stems with large green leaves shrouding a delicate white flower

Peace lilies are renowned for being one of the best flowers to grow indoors, they are very tolerant of low lighting conditions and would much rather be underwatered than overwatered, so be sure to check the soil regularly instead of setting up a schedule.

Purple Leaf Shamrock

purple leaf shamrock
  • Otherwise Known As: Oxalis Triangularis, False Shamrock
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Visual Features: Dark purple, triangular-shaped leaves often with 3 leaves per stem

These beautiful deep purple flowers are an excellent way to break up that green monotone spreading through your home. If you’re looking for more subtle indoor flowering houseplants, then the purple leaf shamrock is for you!

Christmas Cactus

christmas cactus
  • Otherwise Known As: Easter Cactus, Schlumbergera
  • Origin: South-Eastern Brazil
  • Visual Features: Long green stems with colourful, tubular flowers often lilac or pink in colour

Cacti are known for being one of the easiest houseplants to care for, and the Christmas Cactusis no exception. This exotic succulent is one of many large indoor flowering plants that really knows how to steal the spotlight. Christmas Cacti has been around for many years so are a very popular plant amongst the green-fingered community.


  • Otherwise Known As: Orchidaceae
  • Origin: Tropics and Subtropics
  • Visual Features: Often purple or pink flowers. Are well known for being fragrant

Elegant and sophisticated, Orchids really know how to add a minimalist twist to your decor. These long-stemmed beauties are great flowering houseplants for low light conditions, with most preferring low to medium light to bright sunlight.


  • Otherwise Known As: Widow’s-thrill
  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Visual Features: Small clusters of long-lasting colourful blooms often yellows, oranges and pinks

Kalanchoe is increasing in popularity amongst those brave enough to grow flowers indoors. These vibrant succulents are perfect for those looking for year-round blooms. That being said, it is important you provide your Kalachoe with plenty of sunlight to really bring out those colours and encourage strong blooms.


  • Otherwise Known As: Unknown
  • Origin: South Africa
  • Visual Features: Thick, pale green stems with large trumpet-shaped flower heads

These beautiful, tall flowering houseplants are a wonderfully quirky addition to what I’m sure is an already rapidly growing collection of houseplants. Amaryllis are incredibly easy to grow and so make excellent first-time plants. With full bloom reached in just a couple of months, you can even have these gorgeous flowers decorating your home in time for Christmas!

Kaffir Lily

kaffir lily or clivia miniata
  • Otherwise Known As: Schizostylis, Clivia Miniata
  • Origin: South Africa and Swaziland
  • Visual Features: Clusters of bell-shaped blooms

Kaffir lilies are finding their way into more and more homes as their stunning visage becomes impossible to resist. These colourful flowers are excellent at bringing those summer vibes year-round but are trickier than most to care for indoors. Kaffir Lilies don’t like to get too warm, so winter is the perfect time to start these plants indoors and watch as they bloom by late March.


  • Otherwise Known As: Pelargonium, Storksbill
  • Origin: South Africa
  • Visual Features: Thin stems with flowers mostly in purple, red, pink or white

Geraniums are classic houseplants known to many for their adaptability. Newbie gardeners often opt to grow geraniums in hanging baskets and watch as the pretty-in-pink flowers drape over the edge.


  • Otherwise Known As: Cyclamen persicum
  • Origin: Europe
  • Visual Features: Small colourful hanging flowers

It will come as no surprise to see Cyclamen making the list, these stunning flowering houseplants are most well-known for preferring indoor conditions over outdoor conditions! They do still need plenty of sunlight so be sure to place your flower near a window.


  • Otherwise Known As: Hibiscus Syricus, Rose Of Althea, Rose Of Sharon
  • Origin: Southeast China
  • Visual Features: Large plant with trumpet-shaped flowers that vary in colour. The flowers come and go reasonably quickly

Here’s one for the more advanced gardener. The Hibiscus plant is often rebuked as being one of the worst flowering houseplants to grow indoors. But we believe these beautiful flowers deserve a chance. With the correct care and attention, Hibiscus can be exactly the plant you’ve been looking for. The most important thing to remember when trying to grow Hibiscus indoors is to find the right variety. Perennial hibiscus, for example, would be a poor choice for an indoor-flowering plant.

House plants can sometimes feel like a bit of a hassle to look after, but if you choose one of our easy-care flowering houseplants you’ll brighten up your life without the extra stress of keeping your houseplants with flowers alive! And if you’re looking for more of a challenge I’m sure you’ve spotted one or two that will keep you on your toes. This list of indoor flowering houseplants is by no means exhaustive, but these 12 were our favourite flowers to add some colour to your home.

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