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Fri, Dec 18, 2020

A Guide on Coffee Plant Care: Tips for Growing and Care

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A Guide on Coffee Plant Care: Tips for Growing and Care Article Preview
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Coffee, one of the biggest superstars of our culture. Coffee is a key component in the routine of a lot of people. The wake-up elixir in the mornings, the loyal companion of many moments, and a great excuse to go out, meet friends, and “go grab a coffee”. So the coffee bean is well known, the question is can you plant coffee beans? Can you grow your own coffee? Yes you can, and actually, the coffee plant makes a great house plant, it is an easy and hardy one. With a little patience and good preparation, you can grow your own coffee. Read on because today you’ll learn how to grow the coffee plant indoors and coffee plant care.

How to Grow Coffee from Seed?

The first thing you want to do when starting your homegrown coffee adventure is to choose a place for it. You can grow your plant indoors or outdoors, so depending on your housing conditions you will choose which option better suits you. If your choice is to do it inside don’t place it in an area where there is direct sunlight, this plant likes diffused sunlight better. If you decide to grow it outside you want to be aware that they grow and can become big so in order for them to grow they will need space.

If you live in an area that is not tropical and the temperature varies throughout the year, it’s best to grow the plant indoors where you can provide all that it needs. They need certain climate stability to grow well.

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The next step in growing coffee plants is to find yourself seedlings, green coffee beans, or cherries. It is possible but very hard to find coffee plants already potted. Remember you want to get green seed or coffee cherries, the roasted bean will unlikely develop.

To start your potting process, the right soil will be important. You will need soil that is moist, rich in nutrients, and that gives space for the plants to grow deep. It should ideally have a pH close to 6. Another thing is that the drainage should be good, this plant doesn’t like to be swimming in water.

In order for your plant to grow beautifully and healthy you will need to care for it. Water it regularly enough to keep the soil moist, but not too much, find that sweet spot, not too wet or too dry. To keep the humidity a pebble tray with water can also be used. Every few months you can check the fertilizer for the pH level and fertilize it whenever there is a need. Pruning once in a while is also good to stimulate the growth, every spring for example. Once your plant starts growing more you will likely need to re-pot it. First when it passes the 20 cm mark, second maybe when it gets close to 60 cm. Repotting is really important for your plant, for it to thrive it will need space for its roots to grow, but if you put it inside a very large pot, a small plant, that won’t be good also.

How Long until Your Coffee Plant Is Flowering?

Like many other fruit plants, it might take a few years of patience and taking care of your plant until it starts giving you fruits back. And even the cherries are produced by it, it might take a full year until the fruits are ripe, after the flowering of the plant. The time does vary between the plants but the average time it takes for the flowers to begin is three to four years. Green fruits will start to appear after your plant starts to flower, as they ripen they will change color from green to red, reaching a dark red, they will take a few months. You can harvest them once the cherries have become ripe enough, and then take the beans. You can estimate the flowering of your plant by reducing the water you give it during winter and giving it a good amount during the spring which will spur the growth of the flowers.

How Many Coffee Plants Will You Need to Grow for Your Own Coffee?

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Although drinking coffee from your own plants is really amazing, it is not a very realistic one. Coffee plants take space and they have very specific flowering times to produce a certain amount a year, in order to sustain your consumption of coffee you would need to have a lot of plants, something like 20. So I suggest you grow it more for the love of it then expecting them you will only consume home grown coffee.

Tips for Growing Coffee at Home

The coffee plant may not be native to the area where you live, but that doesn’t need to stop you from growing it. If you nurture it and give it consistent care it is a very possible endeavor. If you are already a very experienced plant grower it will probably be easy for you, and if you are a beginner you just need to read this coffee-growing guide to know the best conditions for your plant to thrive.

  • An important tip is that you go inside this process focused on just enjoying the growth of your plant, instead of being anxious to get the fruits from it, because that might take years causing you to end up frustrated.
  • Caution around Children and pets. The beans of the coffee are great with amazing taste, but the other parts of the plant are actually toxic. Knowing this you won’t try to use the leaves or plants for anything related to your digestive system. But not being aware of this, might cause children or pets to eat it without realizing the danger.
  • Pests. Some house plants can attract pests, with the coffee plant that might happen as well. The best way to deal with any pest that appears is the least toxic one. So try pest control that is organic and move to options that are mildly toxic only if needed.
  • Water. You will need to adjust the method of watering depending on the location of your plant, indoors or outdoors. Regularly water it, for example, 1/3 of a cup of water once a week. But really pay attention to the soil of your plant, you want it to be moist but not too wet, remember this plant doesn’t like to be swimming in water.

I hope you have found here the coffee plant growing conditions so you can start growing your own coffee plants indoors.

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