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Wed, Jan 13, 2021

Care of Aloe vera House Plants

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Care of Aloe vera House Plants Article Preview
Care of Aloe Vera

Plants have many properties that sometimes are not well known, a lot of times we can find powerful remedies for various things in nature, in plants. Aloe vera is one of those plants with many uses, it has antioxidant properties, good for treating a few skin conditions, prevents cavities, relieves constipation, heals burns, to list just a few of the benefits of this amazing plant. I’m sure you’re here because you’re aware of at least a couple of these and looking to discover aloe vera growing conditions so you can have these magical things in your home. Read on because today you will learn about how to care for aloe plants indoors.

Planting Aloe Vera

  • The first thing you want to do is choose a container suited for this type of plant. Try a pot that has a porous material like terra-cotta, for example, the soil when in this type of container will be able to dry between waterings, and it is also quite stable because of its weight. You can use a plastic pot but these tend to keep moist inside more.
  • Make sure that you choose a container with at least one draining hole at the bottom. This is important because the water that is not absorbed needs to have a way out of the pot. Aloe vera are hardy plants, but when there is excessive water the roots might rot causing the death of the plant.
  • Pick a container with the same width as its depth. If there is a stem in your aloe vera choose a pot that is deep enough for the whole stem to be under the soil.
  • Aloe vera are plants of the succulent family. So the soil that you use should be of the kind that is appropriate for succulents and cacti, which means soil that has good drainage. Don’t use soil that is used for gardens. A mix that contains lava rock, perlite, chunks of bark, will be good for this use.

How to Grow Aloe vera?

How to grow aloe vera

It is possible that your plant will grow and need more space, this is when you’ll want to re-pot it. Here is the way for you to do it:

  • Preparing the new pot for planting. Wash it first, let it dry completely, and then place ver the drainage hole a little piece of screen, this will prevent the soil from getting inside the while and blocking the passage of water.
  • Take the aloe vera from its pot, and gently clean the roots to remove dirt excess. If there are pups remove them at this point. You may cut the stem of your plant a bit if it’s too long to fit inside the new pot, but try to leave as much stem as you can. Place the plant like this, bare, in an area that is warm with indirect light. After a few days, where there was the wound of the cut a callous will appear this is the time to continue with the repotting.
  • Fill a third of the pot with the soil mix and put your plant inside. After that, you can continue to fill the pot with soil around the plant. Don’t fill it all the way up, leave some space at the top. Don’t water your plant right after you plant it.
  • Let your plant be for a little while. After repotting it you should leave it alone without water for a week at least. This way the plant will have time to develop new roots without the risk of rotting. Keep it in a warm place with indirect light until it has established itself.

Aloe vera Care Instructions

These aloe vera care tips will help you keep your plant healthy.

  • The ideal place for it is in a place that is bright, either with indirect sunlight or even with artificial light.
  • Between 13 to 27 celsius is the temperature that suits the aloe vera best. You can leave them outside between May and September, but if the nights get cold out it’s better to bring them inside.
  • how to water an aloe plant. The aloe vera should be deeply watered but not frequently. Allowing time for the soil to dry out between waterings in order to avoid root rotting. Don’t leave your plant swimming in water.
  • About every 3 weeks you can water it, but you can check the soil’s dryness to decide when it’s time to give it a bit more water. It is very important that the soil has time to dry and stay that way a bit, in order to avoid the roots of the plant too rotten.
  • You can fertilize it once in a while, only during the spring and summer, and one time in a month maximum.
  • Repot the plant when you notice the roots need more space.

How to Replant Aloe vera?

How to replant aloe vera

When your aloe vera becomes mature, it is very likely that it will start producing offsets, new plant babies, called also pups or plantlets. If you wish you can take these new baby plants and start growing a whole new plant.

What you can do is:

  • Discover the point of attachment of the offsets to the mother plant and separate them carefully using scissors, a sharp knife, or pruning shears. At least 2,5 cm of the stem should be left on the offset.
  • Leave the offset sitting outside of soil for a few days, allowing them time to develop a callous where the cut happened, this will prevent it from rotting. The offsets should be kept in a place where it is warm and there is indirect light.
  • When the callouses on the plant babies have formed, you can pot them in the same type of soil, with good drainage.
  • These pups that have been newly potted should be set in a location that gets sun. Leave it be for at least a week until you water it, allowing the soil to become dry.

I hope you leave here today knowing how to take care of aloe vera plant. And that after putting into practice your aloe vera plant cares you can benefit from its many healing properties.

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