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Wed, Nov 24, 2021

The Best Christmas Indoor Plants: What to Choose on the Eve of the Holiday

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The Best Christmas Indoor Plants: What to Choose on the Eve of the Holiday Article Preview

Christmas indoor plants are a wonderful living decor for a festive atmosphere. Often these are plants with red flowers or berries, as red is the color of Christmas. But other equally beautiful plants leave few people indifferent. What are these plants and how to care for them? Let’s find out!

Best Christmas Houseplants


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Poinsettia, or scientifically Euphorbia pulcherrima, has been one of the most popular Christmas houseplants for more than two centuries. It is not for nothing that a blooming poinsettia is a sure sign of the upcoming Christmas holidays and is widely used to decorate shopping centers, temples, apartments, and houses. The most popular is considered to be a variety with a combination of red and green colors, which are traditional for Christmas.

The optimum temperature for Poinsettia is about 18-22 °C. The plant needs moderate regular watering and responds well to spraying with water. For irrigation, you must use warm soft water. In an apartment, it is best to keep the Christmas star in a sunny place, without drafts and away from radiators.


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Mistletoe is a graceful plant associated with many Christmas traditions, one of which is kissing under a hanging mistletoe twig. This original tradition originates in Old Norse mythology, where mistletoe was subordinate to Freyja, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. It is believed that mistletoe reveals its magical properties just around Christmas, bringing health, love, and prosperity to the house. On Christmas Eve, it is customary to decorate the entrance to the house, lighting fixtures and Christmas wreaths with mistletoe twigs. They are also often used when setting a festive table.

In nature, mistletoe lives, or better to say, parasitizes, on the branches of trees and shrubs, where it grows into spherical bushes and takes moisture and nutrients from the inside of the tree on which they grow.


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Schlumbergera, aka Christmas cactus, got its name from its flowering period: from the beginning of November to the end of January. Due to its unpretentiousness and long flowering, it is popular with many indoor plant lovers, especially during the festive winter period, when it is so nice to add bright colors to the interior of the house.

This Christmas potted plant prefers partial shade and diffused light and cannot tolerate bright sunlight. Watering should be uniform without excessive waterlogging or drying out. For watering, it is best to use soft, settled, or boiled water. Optimal temperatures for keeping Schlumbergera are from 18 to 20 °C in summer and about 13-15 °C in winter.


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Amaryllis is also one of the most popular Christmas plants. For this purpose, however, florists begin to prepare the plant as early as late summer and early autumn, creating the appropriate conditions for flowering in December. Amaryllis has a tall stem and large flowers. By color, the flowers of hybrid hippeastrum can be white, red, pink, orange, and cream. The color can be both uniform and in the form of a multicolor pattern – strokes, specks, lines. According to the shape of the inflorescence, they can be double or simple. Some associate it as the partner of the Poinsettia. It is important that the soil in the flower pot is moist and light is provided for at least 5-6 hours a day.


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Cyclamen is rightfully one of the best flowers associated with Christmas. You can also use them for Christmas potted arrangements, but they should not be large. If you’re short on space for your Christmas decorations, choose miniature potted Cyclamens. Cyclamen pots can be additionally decorated with various details such as feathers, ribbons, cones, fabric, or paper decorations.

Grow them in diffused light, away from direct sunlight and radiators. Cyclamen blooms well even on the northern window, but you should keep it away from the direct sun. Be sure to allow the substrate to dry out before re-watering, as over-watering can do more harm to plants than under-watering.


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Holly is a genus of shrubs and trees that is closely associated with Christmas thanks to its vibrant green leaves and eye-catching red berries. As with the Mistletoe, Holly was used as early as ancient Rome during the winter festivities, which were later replaced by Christmas. Today, Holly twigs are widely used in decorating a festive Christmas table, premises, as a material for a Christmas wreath, and decorative compositions. Sometimes it is even used as a substitute for a traditional Christmas tree.

Holly can rarely be found in a house or apartment, but it takes root well in the garden since many of its species are frost-resistant. It is not picky about the soil and feels good in the most unfavorable light conditions.


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Surprisingly, Rosemary is also often used to decorate rooms at Christmas. It is a spice, somewhat reminiscent of the smell of cognac in its aroma. The reason for its popularity during the Christmas holidays is that its leaves resemble Christmas tree needles and are found in dark green color with gray tints. Sometimes this plant is cut so that it resembles small Christmas trees. In the past, people believed that the scent of rosemary during the holidays brought good luck.

Rosemary needs a lot of sun in summer, and in winter – coolness up to 10-13 °C. In winter, the dose of light should be 6-8 hours, so the plant regularly requires additional lighting. Due to the lack of light, the upper leaves of the bush can become less dense, stretch out. It does not like too wet or acidic soils.


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Orchid is rightfully one of the best Christmas flowering houseplants. The most reliable and easy to care for are Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium. The main thing is to put them on a light window without drafts, provide additional humidification of the air in winter, and not to flood (watering once a week is quite enough). They thrive in offices and homes and require little maintenance from time to time. Moreover, you can enjoy their luxurious flowers for at least three months. Orchids in deep gemstone hues such as burgundy, purple, pink, and reds are especially festive. On the other hand, orchids with green and white flowers are also perfect for White Christmas themes and this clean, chic, and modern vibe.

What You Need to Remember

It is practically and aesthetically impractical to enhance the effect of Christmas houseplants with decorations that could damage the plants or compete with their natural beauty. Holiday decor may require moving plants from their usual locations. This can change lighting conditions, temperature, and humidity: be on the lookout for environmental changes and return plants to their preferred locations as soon as possible.

In winter, nothing is as pleasing to the eye as flowering houseplants. Some of them are even called Christmas plants. They can not only perfectly complement the interior and decorate the room, but also be an excellent gift for a connoisseur of beautiful plants. Almost all of the above are quite unpretentious, they are easy to grow, and caring for them is not difficult. The main thing is to ensure that the plants receive a sufficient amount of light and water. Choose any plant you like (or better, several at once) and add a piece of a real holiday to your apartment or office.

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