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Wed, May 12, 2021

Even a Person Who Has No Experience in Growing Can Grow Garlic at Home with These Tips

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Even a Person Who Has No Experience in Growing Can Grow Garlic at Home with These Tips Article Preview
how to grow garlic


Garlic is a spicy vegetable whose taste is known to everyone. How does garlic grow? It belongs to perennial crops, but it is grown in a one or two-year cycle. The plant is very attractive with spicy bulbs. They contain many vitamins.

For the preparation of culinary delicacies, the spring scent of garlic greens is a must. And the vitamins, essential oils, phytoncides, and phytonutrients in garlic are enough to maintain health in the winter. Therefore, growing garlic at home is very beneficial for the body and raising the mood. How do you grow garlic? Caring for young sprouts is a joy, and the rows of garlic sprouts on the windowsill perfectly disinfect the room. The protective effect is strong enough.

Is It Possible to Grow Garlic Indoors?

The idea of ​​growing spices, medicinal herbs, or spices at home is very popular with all housewives. Garlic is no exception. Growing garlic at home does not require special knowledge and high costs, but it has beneficial advantages:

Obtaining environmentally friendly products;

The ability to have fresh herbs and a constant source of vitamins at any time.

How to grow garlic from the bulb? The agrotechnology of growing garlic on a windowsill is not difficult even for those who have never done this before. It is important to choose the right planting material and prepare the necessary materials. The first step is choosing a variety of garlic for home cultivation.

Home-Grown Garlic Varieties

how deep to plant garlic

For planting at home, it is customary to choose winter varieties of garlic. For comparison, winter garlic is also planted in open ground in the fall. Its varietal characteristics allow the plant to survive the winter comfortably and form a high-quality harvest. In addition to the division into winter and spring crops, there are non-arrow and arrow-type garlic varieties.

For growing garlic indoors on greens on the windowsill, arrowing varieties are chosen. They differ in that they give an arrow, which is called a feather and is eaten. In addition, winter crops are considered the best varieties of garlic for winter cultivation. They are more productive during this period of the year and contain more essential oils than spring ones.

It is best to choose garlic adapted to the region, but at home, this is not a requirement.

Planting Garlic at Home

How to grow garlic at home? Let’s try to figure out how to plant garlic at home in order to get the desired effect quickly. There are two ways to grow garlic in an apartment – by seeds or cloves. How to grow garlic from clove? If quick results are important, choose a denture planting. If the bulbs are planted, then the resulting greens will be free from diseases characteristic of the vegetable but will grow very thin. The choice of planting material depends on the request. Many people choose seeds for the purpose of making one large piece of garlic. How to grow garlic in pots?

For planting you need to prepare:

  • Garlic (cloves or seed)
  • Pot
  • The earth

The Landing Techniques Are the Same for Both Methods:

  1. Selection of high-quality planting material;
  2. Soil preparation;
  3. Selection and preparation of planting tanks;
  4. Planting garlic.

To select high-quality planting material, you need to pay attention to some aspects. For seeds – choose the largest and no damage. For teeth – choose dense, large, without signs of wilting, yellowing, or decay.

Sowing in the Ground

how does garlic grow

How Deep to Plant Garlic? Now Let’s Take a Closer Look at How to Plant Garlic in a Pot at Home:

  • Fill the container with soil mixture, compact, and moisten the soil a little. Do not pour soil to the edges of the pot; you need to leave room for comfortable watering and plant care.
  • Divide the head of garlic into individual cloves.
  • Plant them in the ground. Place each clove with the sharp end up. Some try to deepen the bulbs, as when planting in the open field. This method only affects the germination period, sprouts will appear 2 weeks later.
  • Then the slices are sprinkled with soil and watered. It is ideal to moisten the ground with a spray bottle so that the water does not lift the cloves up.
  • Place growing garlic in containers overwinter in a sunny place.

Sometimes garlic is planted in a pot for indoor plants. Growing garlic in containers is especially useful for protecting flowers from pests.

Growing in Water

Garlic greens can be grown in water. How deep do you plant garlic? The slices are peeled, placed tightly in a shallow dish, and half-filled with water. This level is constantly maintained.

A similar technique allows you to get a crop twice – the first time after 3 weeks, then after another 14 days. If planting sprouted garlic, then you can wait for the third wave of greenery in another 10 days. Then the planting material is changed.

Can you plant sprouted garlic? The sprouts, when planted normally in the ground, appear in 1-3 weeks. The time when the garlic begins to germinate depends on the planting depth of the cloves and the growing conditions.

Care Features

Planting garlic from grocery stores is not characterized by increased care requirements. Even those without a vegetable garden can grow greens on the windowsill without any problem. It is important to observe some conditions and pay a little attention to the plant. The focus will be on watering, temperature control, good lighting, top dressing, and regular pruning. For those who grow indoor flowers, all these steps are very familiar.

What factors affect the yield of garlic in an apartment?


Particular attention is paid to garlic sun requirements. Does garlic need full sun? Without good lighting, garlic greens will be pale, with little aroma. It is optimal to put containers on the south window or balcony, where the garlic will get enough of it. If there is not enough light, then you will have to highlight the plants. For this, fluorescent lamps are used. Conventional incandescent bulbs are not suitable for plant care. For shooters of garlic, it is necessary to create conditions for 8 hours of daylight.


How much water does garlic need? It is also important to keep the soil moderately moist and water it properly. It is best to use a houseplant watering can and direct the stream of water close to the bulb. Overflowing leads to decay of the roots, and if the soil is over-dried, then the greens will be dry or completely die.

The regularity of watering depends on the conditions in the room. If the humidity and air temperature are within normal limits, then it is enough to water the garlic once every 2-3 days. If according to observations, the soil dries up, then you need to water more often. Spraying will help maintain the humidity in the room.


growing garlic indoors

Fertilization is very important for garlic. On the windowsill, the plant especially needs nitrogen. After all, this element is needed for the growth of green mass. It is not very convenient to bring bird droppings in the apartment, therefore, they use ready-made fertilizers to feed the garlic.

Manufacturers produce mixtures for plants with an optimally selected composition. Guided by the instructions, fertilizer is produced no more than 1 time in 2 weeks.

If it is possible to add humus or compost to the soil during planting, then this will reduce the need for garlic for additional nutrition.


In order for the sprouts to develop well, you need to maintain a temperature of + 20 °C – + 22 °C indoors. This low figure will ensure friendly germination, so it is better to place containers on a glazed balcony or window.

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