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Fri, Dec 11, 2020

Growing and Caring for a Baby Tears Plant Indoors

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Growing and Caring for a Baby Tears Plant Indoors Article Preview
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Baby Tears Plant or Helxine Soleirolii is closely related to the nettle. Although, unlike nettles, baby tears are not seen as weeds. In today’s society, baby tears are often celebrated houseplants. Their eye-catching appearance is so often enhanced by being planted in hanging baskets. A hanging basket is perfect for growing baby tears, as they so regularly grow long Viney stems that flow downwards in a beautiful fountain-like manner.

These quirky little plants are an excellent addition to any home, turning the mundane into the magnificent, so grab that gardening gear and let’s get started!

The first thing you must pay attention to when growing baby tears plants is the right location. Most plants’ basic needs are the same. Ply them with water and sunshine and they’ll be just fine. However, researching a more detailed care plan for your plant is always a good idea.

Baby tears plants are a great indoor houseplant for newbie gardeners and with this step-by-step guide on how to grow baby tears houseplants, you’ll be feeling like a pro in no time.

How to Plant Baby Tears?

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A baby tears plant can be grown both outdoors and indoors, however, it is almost always recommended to grow them in a container regardless of location as they can be invasive plants.

There are a few varieties of baby tears plant, so knowing which seeds you have is vital to ensure you are growing them correctly. We will start with a basic guide on growing a regular baby tears plant, then will follow with details specifically on how to plant dwarf baby tears.

Step 1. Choosing Your Pot

Choosing the correct home for your plant is essential. Baby tears like to spread, they germinate very easily, so choosing a small container will keep your plant in check and won’t allow it to invade vast spaces.

Step 2. Soil

Baby tears plants aren’t so fussy when it comes to soil, so any regular potting soil bought in a store should do the trick. For the ultimate baby tears plant care, you can mix your soil with compost or manure to increase the nutrients available to your plant.

Step 3. Planting Your Seeds

Place your baby tears seeds approximately 1-2 inches deep in the soil and cover with a little more of your potting mixture. Water gently in the beginning until you see some seedlings appear. (A baby plant is called a seedling or embryo).

Step 4. Care in the Beginning

Knowing when the baby tears start to develop and grow is easy to figure out. Once you see them sprouting out of the soil they will grow rapidly so immediate plant care is the way forward.

How to Plant Dwarf Baby Tears?

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Dwarf baby tears are not so different from regular baby tears. So if you follow the above steps your dwarf variety should blossom just as easily.

How to Care for a Baby Tears Plant?

Baby tears plant care is very important to ensuring your houseplant thrives and has an optimal opportunity to grow and flourish. Baby tears crave attention, so you should give it to them. Especially if you want them looking their best!

Be sure to water your plant regularly, they love water and don’t like to dry out. However, if you do forget to water your baby tears houseplant, they are fairly good at regenerating so can handle a couple of days wilting.

These stunning plants develop best in bright indirect sunlight, but if artificial light is all you’ve got then not to worry! They thrive in indoor light situations.

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Baby tears plants grow rapidly so will often need propagating, pruning, or repotting. Baby tears can handle a bit of wear and tear, so don’t shy away from cutting back those overgrown leaves if you want to keep them looking trim and tidy.

Now you have a fail-safe guide to growing these expansive, astonishingly easy houseplants you’re bound to wow your guests with baby tears plants hanging from every wall!

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