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Sat, Nov 28, 2020

The Joys of Having Lavender Growing Indoors

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The Joys of Having Lavender Growing Indoors Article Preview
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Are you searching for a plant for your home that can be used in different ways in your daily life and will bring the most amazing fragrance to your place? Well, I’m here to tell you your search is over, you have found your plant, Lavender. The question is: Can you grow lavender indoors? Yes, absolutely, I will show you in this article what there is to know about growing lavender indoors and the lavender plant indoors benefits. So come with me and we’ll take a trip through the lavender plant universe.

There are some plants that have that extra special and unique scent. Lavender is definitely one of those, it’s a scent that is rather unmistakable you pass it anywhere and you can immediately recognize the scent and look around for where the lavender is because you know that it must be somewhere around. But apart from the amazing smell, there is much more to this plant.

Lavender, also known as Lavandula, is a plant originally mostly from the Mediterranean area, although today it can be found in other regions, for example in many places in Europe. It belongs to the family of the mint. It is very well known not only for its looks but for the many uses it has, it is present in a lot of fragrances that we know, they are grown a lot to produce the essential oil from the plant, are quite beautiful in flower arrangements, as dried can be used inside closets, for example, to scent them, and amazing enough can give also a very special and sophisticated touch in your culinary endeavors in foods and drinks. As you can understand by now it’s definitely a great plant to have at home.

Some Lavender Indoor Benefits:

  1. Its scent is known to have relaxing, soothing effects. So it is good to bring stress relief, to help you relax and maybe even sleep better.
  2. It is a natural bug repellent.
  3. Can be used in cooking and drinks/cocktails.
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It is such a versatile plant. Amazing, right? So let’s get to how you can start to grow your own lavender indoors.

First, you have to decide from what point you want to start in your lavender growing indoors process. Here you have three options. You can either buy yourself some lavender seeds, use cuttings from a grown plant, or even buy a healthy lavender plant.

If you decide to go for the seeds, what you have to do is place them on top of more sandy soil. Cover them gently with some perlite. In about two to three weeks, your seeds should be sprouting.

If you decide to use cuttings, it is important that you take them below the node (nodes are those points where the leaves start growing from). Place the cuttings you got in rooting hormone. Put them in a vertical position in soil that is sandy, damp, and warm.

And well, if you buy a plant you obviously skip this initial process.

Now, what you have to be aware of in this process of growing lavender in pots indoors, is choosing the right pot for it to grow inside. The plant vase/container you’re going to need to use for your lavender plant has to be something that drains effectively. Because lavender is a plant that does like water but it doesn’t like to be swimming in too much of it, in other words, it doesn’t appreciate moisture. A pot with a good amount of draining holes is perfect, if you have one that doesn’t have many just add a few. For inside it’s important that you have some kind of plate or saucer underneath the pot so the water doesn’t go all over and makes a mess.

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Something else that is important to grow lavender indoors is the location, you have to select a place where it gets full sunlight. It needs something like at least 8 hours of sunlight daily. Unless you’re living somewhere where the sun gets too strong and crazy, if that is the case it might need a bit of shade.

  • Watering your lavender – Next thing is to water it consistently so it can grow healthy, keeping in mind to not water it too much. So you can even let the soil dry a bit between waterings just don’t abandon it and let it become too dry. Keep her hydrated but don’t drown it.
  • Trimming – As it grows you should give it a little haircut from time to time, it’s good for it to keep growing.
  • Type of soil – In regards to the soil: it does not like acidic soil, for it to thrive for a long time the ideal is an alkaline soil with a pH between 6.7 to 7.3.
  • Temperature – Depending on where you are, the lavender grows best at the end of spring beginning of summer. If you live in a place that has a colder climate, maybe you will want to search for other types of lavender like the English Lavender it can grow better in cooler atmospheres. In the case of the French Lavender, it thrives usually when it is in a warm place. So there is a chance that it won’t withstand a more severe winter. But since we’re talking here mostly about how to grow lavender inside, I doubt you will have to worry about these temperature issues.
  • Harvest time – If you harvest them in the first blooms at the beginning of spring, there is a chance that you will be able to get a second harvest during summer.
  • Drying lavender – You can dry your lavender in a dehydrator, inside a paper bag, or by hanging a bunch upside down. After dried you can use them for decoration, crafts, cooking, and scenting your closet for example.

I hope this article has been helpful in teaching you how to grow lavender indoors from seed. After it has grown and established, it is a pretty low maintenance plant and you will get really a lot from it. So all that is left to say is for you to have fun and enjoy the beauty and the fragrance of lavender inside your home!

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