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Mon, Jan 11, 2021

The Simple Magic of Having a Pothos Plant

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The Simple Magic of Having a Pothos Plant Article Preview
Pothos plant care

It is not so rare that people haven’t really gotten into the houseplant world because they consider themselves to be incapable of maintaining plants alive. But the truth is that there are plants that are harder to care for, especially if you’re beginning your plant journey, but there are also some plants that don’t demand a lot and will help you start to get more into your plant care groove. Todays’ article is about one of these easy plants, the pothos plant. It is a beauty and will definitely bring a lot of beauty into your home without demanding much in return. So if you are looking to find out how to take care of the pothos plant, read on and you will get the best pothos care tips.

The pothos is originally a plant from tropical forests. And it can also live a happy life indoors in places with colder climates. It has beautiful leaves that remind heart shapes, it has a vine type of behavior, it has the amazing capacity of purifying the air and it can thrive even in places with a low amount of light and humidity, and it is capable to remain alive even if it doesn’t get too much attention, so for example, it is a great plant for people who are very busy and don’t have too much time to take care of their houseplants but still want to be able to enjoy their beauty.

Pothos Plant Care

The pothos plant is not very picky about its environment, as I wrote before. You can place it in a place with bright indirect or low light. Can pothos live in water? Yes. You can grow it inside dry soil or even in water vases. A really cool idea if you want to grow them is water is to place them inside those home water fountains. If the soil is rich in nutrients it will thrive more but it can also withstand poor soil.

Pothos Light Needs

Because they can do well in low light conditions, they are plants that you can put in your bathroom or those corners in your house that don’t get much sun. The only thing you will want to avoid is direct sunlight, they don’t do well with that.

Pothos plant has a lot of variegation, if you start to notice that the variegation is disappearing, it probably means that the plant is not getting enough light. So as much as it is possible to grow them in low light conditions the preference is for spots where it can get bright indirect light.

Pothos Plant-Soil Conditions

Pothos plant-soil conditions

“How often should I water my pothos?” You will want to allow between waterings time for the soil to get dry. She likes to be in the dry soil for a bit, so this means you don’t need to be super strict about the watering schedule for it. If however, you start noticing that the leaves are becoming droopy it means that it is not getting enough water. Use soil with good drainage.

The pothos doesn’t really require much feeding, but you may give it a little bit of fertilizer for houseplants once in a while if you wish. Every three months, this will give the plant growth a boost. But honestly, it’s very likely that your plant will grow well anyway without the fertilizer.


Is golden pothos poisonous? They are great house plants but you have to be aware that they are poisonous if ingested. Because they have calcium oxalates, ingesting them can cause irritation and vomiting. For people who have more sensitive skin, the event the plants’ sap can cause a rash. It is toxic for children, dogs, and cats. It won’t kill them but can make them very sick. So take this into consideration when deciding where to place it in your home.

Air Cleansing Effect

It does a great job at eliminating toxins from the air like benzene fumes and formaldehyde. So it will be great to place it in a room that has been painted recently, for example. It assists in the removal from the air of carbon monoxide, making it a great plant to place in your room so that you will have a bigger amount of oxygen during your sleep.


pothos plant

If you notice that the roots are consuming the pot already it is time to re-pot it. Go with one size larger container and add some new soil.


It is super easy to propagate pothos. You just need to take a cutting, one with a node, from the plant and place it inside water, in a glass for example and give it time to develop roots. After that, you can put it in a small pot.

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