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Mon, Mar 22, 2021

Top 10 Best Plants for the Office: How to Easily Create a Cozy and Pleasant Atmosphere

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Top 10 Best Plants for the Office: How to Easily Create a Cozy and Pleasant Atmosphere Article Preview

At work, people spend most of their lives, and to somehow brighten up their working hours and create a small living corner, you can surround yourself with original and beautiful office plants, which, among other things, will saturate the air with oxygen and phytoncides.

There are a lot of beautiful office plants but greening of offices is not a trivial task. Interior office plants should not only revitalize the space and help create a healthy atmosphere but also be hardy, resilient, and unassuming to care for. This is not the place for lovers of a humid environment and careful care. Of course, the appearance corresponding to the interior plays an important role. Plants are an equally important tool for demonstrating status. Nevertheless, in the first place among the criteria for selecting ideal office plants, their unpretentiousness always remains.


Requirements for Best Indoor Office Plants:

In addition to creating a work-friendly atmosphere in the office, green spaces release phytoncides that kill bacteria and make the air cleaner. When choosing flowers for the office, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • There should be no defects on the leaves of the plant;
  • Flowers for offices and office premises should not have a pronounced odor;
  • It is best to choose unpretentious plants in care that do not need frequent watering and transplanting;
  • Too bright flowers will distract from work. And it won’t be the best plant for the office.

Here Are the Best Indoor Plants for Offices, Which Are the Most Suitable for Everyone:

  1. Sansevieria is an unpretentious flower with quite bright and variegated leaves that can withstand any temperature and is also not afraid of drought and drafts. Some species of such a flower grow so large that they are placed on the floor; Therefore, they can easily become the best indoor plants for the office.
  2. Philodendron is a durable plant that can grow not only in daylight but also under a lamp. It is an excellent option for a cabinet;
  3. Croton is a large original plant for the office, which can be distinguished by its brightly colored leaves. When buying such a plant, you should know that it needs a lot of heat and sun;
  4. A cactus is a great flower to give to your boss or work colleague. As a rule, it is placed on a desktop, as it absorbs the negative energy emitted by office equipment; In this way, it can be a sort of healthy office plant.
  5. Spathiphyllum cleans the air from all kinds of microbes and blooms for a long time with white flowers, the beauty of which cannot but rejoice and cheer up during work. Thanks to this, it can safely be the best plant for office, plus, spathiphyllum does not need to be watered often and it tolerates dry air well;
  6. Kalanchoe is a small and attractive representative of indoor flora, which blooms in different colors and has glossy leaves. This is an unpretentious plant, but it loves the sun and moisture, so it will need to be watered often.
  7. Zamioculcas is better known as the “dollar tree”, Zamiokulkas conquers with beautiful dark green leaves, shining with a noble gloss. Originally from Africa, the plant tolerates drought well, so in winter you can almost forget about watering it. Zamioculcas rarely blooms, but this does not prevent him from being a favorite – he grows well and looks great in any interior.
  8. Violet bright violets captivate with their tenderness and fragility. These plants love light, so they usually live on windowsills. To make violets look and feel good, it is worth protecting them from frost, drafts, and temperature extremes. If you do not overflow the plants, they will delight you with beautiful ones. It makes them the best plants for offices.
  9. Dieffenbachia this evergreen beauty with large striped leaves is native to the tropics of America, so it loves warmth and moisture. However, do not be too zealous with watering – dieffenbachia is more suitable for spraying and regular wiping of the leaves. If the top of the plant is not trimmed in time, it can stretch up to 2 meters in height. The peculiarity of dieffenbachia is the release of toxic milky juice (at the site of the leaf cut), which can irritate when it gets on the mucous membranes. It is for this reason that the plant is more suitable for offices than for the home, where children and animals can come into contact with its leaves.
  10. Syzygium a spectacular shrub native to Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia, has become one of the most popular houseplants for its spectacular crown of smooth oval leaves in a deep green color. The second name for Syzygium is the clove tree. Florists love it for its elegant look and enthusiastically strive to achieve flowering: small fluffy flowers, collected in umbrellas, look delicate and very exotic, and after they fall off, edible fruits appear. The main condition for such a rare phenomenon is long daylight hours in combination with a certain irrigation regime.

In this list, you can find your best office plant.

Lighting requirements for growing nice office plants:

Proper lighting is an important prerequisite for the growth of indoor flowers, as some plants like a lot of daylight, while others thrive in the shade. Let’s figure out what kind of lighting you need for office flowers.

It is important to know that lighting can be artificial and natural. For offices and offices with artificial lighting, shade-tolerant plants are suitable, which, with a lack of sunlight, stretch out and retain their rich color, that is, their leaves remain green and do not fall off. Variegated flowers are not suitable for offices with a large number of lamps, as their characteristic pattern on the leaves fades and fades without sunlight.

violet for office

If It Is Dominated by Artificial Lighting, the Best Plant for Office Would Be:

  • Monstera;
  • Begonia;
  • Saxifrage;
  • Ficus;
  • Chlorophytum;
  • Saintpaulia.

All these living representatives of the flora grow even in the shade and are content with the light emanating from the lamps, so can be the best office plants.

Best Plants for the Office with Good Lighting:

In offices with large panoramic windows facing south, light-loving and shade-tolerant flowers should be installed. The presence of sunlight has a positive effect on their growth and flowering. Light-loving plants include quite cheap office plants:

  • Hibiscus;
  • Japanese camellia;
  • Primrose;
  • Sedum;
  • Ficus;
  • Oleander;
  • Aloe, etc.

If you decide to decorate your workplace with an imperious view of typical office plants, then you can hang it on the wall next to the window or set it on a beautiful and high stand.

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