Guide On How To Grow Roses
Mon, Dec 07, 2020

A Complete Guide On How To Grow Roses

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A Complete Guide On How To Grow Roses Article Preview
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When learning how to grow roses, things can become overwhelming. Information is so readily available, that it is normal to find yourself drowning in facts on how best to care for your rose garden.

With such a surplus of information and many guides clearly aimed at the well-seasoned gardener, you may be thinking it is just not that easy to grow roses. Well, we’re here to help put your worries to bed and say it can be extraordinarily easy to grow roses if you follow the basic tips laid out in this article.

This beginner-level, back to basics guide on how to grow roses will help you understand the various ways you can bring your rose garden to life.

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In truth, growing roses is as simple as any other flowering shrub. Starting with the basics is a great way to learn not only how to grow roses but which are the best roses to grow.

Below are some helpful insights so you can figure out which growing method is right for you.

How To Grow Roses From Cuttings

Growing roses from cuttings is a common way to propagate your favorite rose bush. When learning how to grow roses from cuttings, there are a few essential steps to encouraging successful growth.

  • Take a 12-inch cutting at a 45-degree angle.
  • Remove all but the top two sets of leaves.
  • Crosscut the bottom of the cutting and plant the cutting in a container. (Yes, I know you were wondering ‘can roses grow in pots?’ Well… Absolutely!)

How To Grow Roses From Seeds

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Contrary to growing roses from cuttings, when learning how to grow roses from seeds, there are many steps involved and the success rate is surprisingly low. The following steps will help when using shop-bought seeds.

  • Fill a small container with a sterile seed starting mix.
  • Plant ‘sprout down’ and cover with soil.
  • Care for your seedlings as you would mature plants.

Now you’ve made your decision on how to start your rose growing journey, it’s time to establish a good care routine. At this point, you may still be wondering – Are roses hard to grow?

Luckily we’ve put together a list of the 5 basic gardening tricks to ease your mind and help you see that growing roses is simpler than it appears.

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  • Sunlight. Roses love sunlight! At least 6hrs a day should be ideal.
  • Water. Water the flower bed/roots of the rose with at least 1-inch per week. Water on the leaves makes your plant susceptible to rot.
  • Soil Conditions. Well-draining soil composed of compost and ground bark is perfect for your roses.
  • Pests. Roses are prone to attracting pests, so regular checks and catching the issues early will give your roses the best chance of survival.

With so many rose varieties out there, choosing the best roses to grow can seem daunting. Maybe you have your eye set on Wild Roses or perhaps, Modern Roses? Or maybe, like us, you are drawn to Miniature Roses – the hardy offspring of Old Garden Roses mutated into miniature and now selectively bred to stay small.

Thankfully, size is one of the few differences when it comes to growing and caring for your miniature roses. So, much like your average-sized rose, it’s no surprise we recommend planting miniature roses outside. They are a magnificent addition to your flower beds and are particularly weather-resistant.

Understanding that you won’t always have successful growth is a vital part of rose gardening. Whilst our guide can surely provide you with the necessary basics, it is certainly not exhaustive so plenty of research is key for a flourishing bloom.

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