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Sat, Dec 12, 2020

All the Best Fall Plants to Grow in Your Garden

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Everybody knows about Spring plants, but do you know about fall plants? Some can define fall plants as being plants that bloom in fall such as Asters, Helenium, and Lobelia. Here we will focus on what to plant in the fall for springtime blooms.

Fall planting can seem counterintuitive, especially if you live in greyer/wetter parts of the world. But if you know what to plant in the fall then you are set for a flourishing, vibrant Spring garden.

Fall garden plants are hardy and can stand the colder weather, often fall plants need little attention once planted and will reward you with beautiful flowers in the Spring.

Fall Garden Plants

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best things to plant in a garden in the fall. From trees to shrubs to flowers. All the plants listed below have proven themselves as good fall plants to grow.

Flowers to Grow in Fall

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There is nothing better than waking up on a crisp Spring morning and looking out over your gorgeous landscape to see flower heads poking up out of the earth and opening their petals to the sun. The gratification in seeing something long-since forgotten about blossoming right before your eyes is just magical and what’s even better is realizing that YOU planted those flowers last fall. These 5 fall plants will have you singing with joy as you watch them bloom in the Spring.

  • Daffodils. Botanical Name: Narcissus Pseudonarcissus. Appearance: Trumpet-shaped head most commonly yellow in color. Blooms: Early Spring.
  • Scilla. Botanical Name: Scilla Siberica. Appearance: Dainty blue bell-shaped flowers. Blooms: Early Spring.
  • Snowdrop. Botanical Name: Galanthus. Appearance: Small white drooping bell-shaped flower. Blooms: Late Winter/very early Spring.
  • Allium. Botanical Name: Allium (hundreds of species including onions, garlic, and shallots). Appearance: Tall thick stems with a round purple flower cluster. Blooms: Late Spring.
  • Crocus. Botanical Name: Crocus Vernus. Appearance: Small lilac or blue flower heads. Blooms: Mid-Spring.

Trees to Plant in fall


Trees can seem like a fool-hardy mission when it comes to planting as we all know they take their time growing. But just imagine watching that little seedling sprouting and developing into a majestic Elm or dazzling Maple. These 3 trees to plant in the fall are well worth the wait.

  • Elm. Botanical Name: Ulmus. Appearance: Very large trees reaching up to 120 feet! Oval-shaped leaves with jagged edges. Blooms: Early Spring.
  • Maple. Botanical Name: Acer. Appearance: Stunning yellow or red leaves with 3-5 points. Blooms: Springtime (Sugar Maples bloom in fall).
  • Spruce. Botanical Name: Picea Abies. Appearance: Classic ‘Christmas Tree’ look, downward hanging branches with many sharp thin green leaves. Often produces long pointed cones. Blooms: Spring.

Best Shrubs to Plant in Fall


Shrubs are a staple in any green-fingered garden. Often shrubs are found in parks and lining the streets. These wonderfully varied plants are excellent to grow in fall with the 3 below being amongst the best shrubs to plant in fall.

  • Japanese Maple. Botanical Name: Acer Palmatum. Appearance: Rich red leaves, if grown as a bush then reaching up to 6 feet tall. Blooms: Spring.
  • Smoke Bush. Botanical Name: Cotinus. Appearance: Large clusters of purple/red leaves creating the illusion of being shrouded in smoke, hence the common name ‘Smoke Bush’. Blooms: Late Spring.
  • Dogwood. Botanical Name: Cornus Florida. Appearance: Large white bracts surrounding compact clusters of green flowers. Blooms: Early Spring.

With such a wide selection of fall plants out there, these few are just the tip of the iceberg. Many plants can actually withstand colder conditions and survive through the Winter.

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