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Wed, Feb 24, 2021

Bee Balm Plant

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bee balm plant

When creating a garden it is a great idea to have flowers that attract pollinators. And the gorgeous bee balm, also known as the bee balm monarda plant will certainly bring a lot of beauty and colors to your garden. So today I will give you some information about this plant and some tips for bee balm care.

A native of North America the bee balm plant thrives in woodland areas. As I mentioned above, it is known also as Monarda which is its botanical name. The bee balm plant is very attractive to pollinators, hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. And in the fall and winter, their seed heads end up attracting birds also. The flower of the bee balm resembles daisies in terms of shape, having tube-like petals. Now you might want to know what colors does bee balm comes in, you can find them in shades of pink, red, purple, and white. They are perennial plants which means that they will keep returning every year to bring color and beauty to your garden.

How to Plant Bee Balm

growing bee balm
  • The best soil to plant bee balm is one that is rich, moist, and with good drainage.
  • In terms of location, it’s good to pick a sunny spot. Bee balm can also grow in shade, especially in areas where the summer is hot. So you can plant it in a spot that will display the colors well and where the plant will be protected. Their best development happens under full sun. But you can grow them in partial sun, they just won’t bloom as well as when growing in full sun.
  • You can plant them in the spring or in the fall.
  • Because of their height, they can be a good choice to have as a background plant in your pollinator garden.
  • Plant them 45 to 60 cm apart.
  • The air circulation needs to be good between the bee balm plants, because if not the chance of powdery mildew developing on the leaves increases significantly. You can identify powdery mildew on your plant by noticing if there is on the leaves and buds this powdery dust appearing. If there is you can choose to treat it with store-bought fungicide spray or with natural remedies. Another thing that helps avoid this disease is watering the soil of the plants directly avoiding getting the leaves wet.
  • Water them well in the planting time.

How tall does bee balm get?

Most of the bee balm varieties reach a height between 76 cm to 1 m, but it is also possible to find dwarf varieties that are shorter, up to only 25 cm tall. If you have a container garden these types will likely be the best choice for you, and they can also be planted on your flower border where their tubular, shaggy blooms will be well displayed. In order to encourage flower production, it is good to pick the flowers of the bee balm plant with a relative frequency. Spent flower removal and deadheading, will also encourage new blooms to come.

Bee balm care

how to plant bee balm
  • Maintain the soil moist evenly for the duration of the growing season.
  • In order for the moisture to be preserved in the soil and to control and avoid the growth of weeds, mulch can be added around the plants.
  • In order to encourage the re-bloom of the plant at the end of summer, blooms that have started to fade can be deadheaded.
  • And when you reach the fall and the first frost passes, you can cut back the stems leaving them 5 cm above the ground.
  • In order to make sure that your bee balm plants stay vigorous divide them every 2 to 3 years. In springtime, you can make some small divisions of the younger roots of plants that are already established and replant.
  • Feed the plant with multi-purpose fertilizer, you can do that by mixing it into the soil surrounding the bee balm plant.
  • If you wish for your plant to be bushier, you can pinch the stem tips off, when in early spring new growth starts to appear. –
  • How long does bee balm bloom? It usually blooms for the whole summer up to early fall.
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