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Wed, Mar 10, 2021

Fastest Growing Vegetables

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Fastest Growing Vegetables Article Preview
what grows quickly

When you finally decide to grow some veggies on your own, you might be so excited that you want to have fast-growing veggies so you can start enjoying them as soon as possible. Believe me, I get you, it is quite an exciting endeavor to grow your own vegetables. So if you find yourself in this search of easy-to-grow vegetables that grow fast, stick around because today I will talk precisely about them.

You will be happy to know that there are a lot of options of fast-growing vegetables for you to choose from. Legumes, leafy greens, root crops, and brassicas.

What Veggies Can Be Considered ‘Quick-Growing Vegetables’?

quick growing plants
  • The time required to reach maturity. When we talk about fast-growing healthy vegetables, we assume that we can place into this category plants that will be ready to eat in 2 months or less. When you go buy vegetable seeds that grow fast, most of the time you can find the ‘days to maturity’ information in most packages, or in plant catalogs. This window of time goes from the moment the seeds are sown to the time you can harvest for the first time. In most cases, the time range goes between 45 to 60 days. If you choose to start from seedlings the picking will most likely start earlier.
  • Varieties of vegetables. The variety of a vegetable you decide to go for will affect the speed of their growth. For obvious reasons, if you grow baby carrots, for example, they will reach maturity more quickly than bigger carrot varieties. In parallel, climber plants usually take more time to grow than dwarf and bush varieties.
  • Season. It is good to remember that most plants have a tendency of growing faster in the warmer seasons and take more time to mature in the months that are colder. So the time when you decide to plant your veggies will also affect their growth rate.
  • Some other factors that affect the growth are variation in the conditions of the climate, types of soil, sunlight, seasons in the area where you live, and moisture. An important thing for example is to give your plants the amount of sunlight they need, this will speed up their growing process. The soil will also be an important factor, that can determine what grows quickly. If you have very dry or poor soil, you might need to improve it, you can either make your own potting mix, or use a seed-raising mix, and add some compost to enrich the soil. When the soil is rich the plants grow healthier and faster.

Quick Growing Vegetables

plants that grow quickly

I will give you here a list of some of the fastest-growing edible plants.

  1. Spinach. Spinach is a great plant to have, it has really good nutritional values, so it is a good one to have growing in your home. It is easy to grow and it grows fast. You just need to sow the seeds in good quality soil. After that, you just have to water it and wait. In 30 to 45 days you will already have fresh spinach growing.
  2. Arugula. Arugula is my personal favorite, I absolutely love to have them in salads. It has this slightly spicy flavor which makes it special. It is a great green to have in your home garden and in about 30 days after planting you will already have leaves that are mature to eat. They grow as perennials, so you will have them continuously growing for you every year.
  3. Radishes. These are probably one of the fastest-growing food plants. And they are also very easy to grow. When you start growing your own veggies, radishes can be a great first step. All you need to do is sow the seed directly in healthy soil and after about 20 to 50 days they will probably be ready for harvesting.
  4. Baby carrots. Baby carrots are perfect for snacks, for example, they are also very good to add in cooked meals, and they take much less time to grow than full-size carrots, because of their small size. So if you want to have some homegrown carrots and want to have them as soon as possible, a good option is to go for the baby carrots. They can be grown directly in the ground or in container gardens if you prefer. Whichever you choose it is important to make sure the dirt is high quality. They are also one of the fastest-growing healthy vegetables, a month after you sow the seeds you may already have mature baby carrots to eat.
  5. Beets. This is another veggie that I personally love, I know there are some people who are not very fond of them, but if you are like me and like to have this veggie on your vegetable menu you can start growing them in your garden, you can eat not only the beet but also the leaves of the plant. Beet is one of the fastest-growing edible plants. Now, because they are not very fond of too much heat, the best time to grow them is the spring, or in early fall, they can handle some heat but not too much. It takes usually around 50 days for the roots to be ready for harvest, but in most cases, you can harvest the greens in about 30 days.
  6. Lettuce. The classic leafy green. It can be used in so many different ways in your kitchen, they are an all-time favorite in salads, and you can also find a few different varieties to choose from which can add some fun to your lettuce menu. And because it is hearty lettuce can actually grow even in colder temperatures, and since they are plants that grow quickly you will be able to harvest them fast. They usually take from 30 to 60 days to reach maturity.
  7. Zucchini. As I’m writing I’m appreciating how much growing your own veggies is amazing. When choosing between the fastest-growing vegetables from seed, go for the ones that you love. Zucchini for example is a great veggie, it can be added to stews, soups, they can be grilled or made in the oven. It is quite easy to grow them and their production is quick also. What you need to do to grow squash is sow the seed directly in the soil, give them water and then just watch them grow, an important note is that squash tastes better when harvested young. A good time to harvest them is after day 35. Don’t wait too much because they are really quick growers.
  8. Broccoli. I basically love all the veggies I wrote here for you. Broccoli is in my opinion a great and versatile veggie. But more than that, a great thing about broccoli is that it can tolerate colder weathers, which is great because it is something you can continue growing even when the temperatures start to go down.
  9. Bok Choy. Also known as Pak choi, this is another vegetable that grows fast that you can add to your veggie garden. It is a kind of Chinese cabbage. You can choose from two different types of bok choy, there are the baby and the standard, the baby bok choy grows less than 25 centimeters tall, the standard one grows to a height between 30 to 60 centimeters. In order to have the best results with your bok choy, they should be planted in partial shade, but they will tolerate full sun. They should also be consistently watered.
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