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Fri, Jan 01, 2021

How to Plant Cherry Seeds- Cherry Seeds to Tree Magic

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How to Plant Cherry Seeds- Cherry Seeds to Tree Magic Article Preview
How to plant cherry seeds

There are some fruits that just have this iconic thing going for them, they are so amazing that they have a special place in our imagination. Cherries are definitely a special fruit, “the cherry on top”, the perfect last detail on a beautiful cake. I get poetic because I absolutely love cherries, they are yummy, they have this gorgeous color and I think the only bad thing about them, if you’re like me and love them so much, is that you just can’t get enough. Once you’ve finished eating them and you’re left with just the seeds looking back at you, you might at this moment start wondering “can you grow a cherry tree from a cherry pit?”. If you’re looking to find out about growing cherry trees from seed, stick around to learn how to start a cherry tree.

If I Plant a Cherry Pit, Will It Grow?

The awaited and the most welcomed answer is: Yes, you can. When you decide to grow a cherry tree from the pit you are embarking on an inexpensive adventure that will surely be delicious and joyful.

The first thing that you will want to do is check if your area has a good climate for cherry planting. If yes you can begin.

So after you have done the sacrifice of eating all those delicious cherries, the best seeds will be the ones that come from trees that grow around the area, or from farmers’ markets. You can use store-bought but the chances that the seed won’t be developing is good because of the time they probably spent refrigerated.

How to Germinate Cherry Seeds?

Save the seeds that are left from your cherries and place them inside warm water in a bowl. After you’ve let the pits be soaked for something like five minutes you can give them a light scrub to remove any fruit parts that might have stuck around. Then the seed should be spread on a paper towel in a place that is warm, let them get dried out for about 4 or 5 days, after that you can transfer them to a container made of plastic with a lid that is tight. Keep the pits inside the fridge for 10 weeks.

You do this because cherries pass through a period of stratification, whereas this happens naturally outdoors in the winter, before the germinating phase that comes in the spring, in your home you can kind of mimic this process which is what happens when you put the seeds in the fridge. After this period in the refrigerator, it is time to begin the planting of the seed.

Starting Cherry Trees Planting from Seed

Can You Plant Cherry Pits

After those ten weeks are done, you take the pits and let them come back to room temperature. The cherry seeds are now ready to be planted. Fill a small container with planting soil, midway, and place two to three seeds inside it, then water the pits. It should be kept moist.

As the seedlings of cherry reach a height of 5 cm, you can thin them, taking out the plants that are weaker and leaving the more sturdy ones inside the pot. The seedlings should be kept indoors where they get sun at least until the frost danger period passes in your region, after that they are ready to be transferred outside. When planting them outside, allow a space of 6 meters to exist between them.

Another option when growing cherry trees from the pit is to start growing them in the garden from the beginning. If you choose to go for this you will keep the refrigeration process and allow the stratification to happen naturally through winter. Take the seeds that you have saved and plant them outside. Since some of them might not germinate you can have a few of them planted to ensure that there is a result. Seeds should be set 5 cm deep and with a space of 31 cm between them. You can mark where you have planted them.

The seeds will sprout when springtime comes. If you plan to transfer them to another place in your garden, wait until they are at least 10 cm tall. To reduce the growth of weed, add mulch around the seedling that has been transferred.

How Long Does It Take to Grow a Cherry Tree from a Seed?

The time for a cherry tree to become established is about three years, it may start bearing fruit in four years. As with most fruit trees, you likely won’t receive fruit results on the same year that they were planted, but when they start to produce fruits they will probably be doing so for years to come, it will also assist the soil in remaining moist.

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