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Wed, Dec 30, 2020

Pistachio Tree

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Pistachio Tree Care

Pistachio are a really tasty nut, I would even go as far as saying that it is the tastiest one of all, but of course, that is a matter of personal taste, and apart from the great taste, pistachios also have a lot of healthy properties, they have a richness of antioxidants, good fat (the unsaturated one), phytosterols, carotenoids, minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Now, the first question that might arise is: Do pistachio grow on trees? Yes, they come from trees.

So knowing all of this and just the love for this nut might get you wondering: Can you grow pistachios? Yes, you can. If you are looking to start growing pistachios tree, stick around because today we are going to talk about how to plant pistachios.

Pistachio Friendly Climate, Where Do Pistachio Trees Grow?

The first thing you want to know is if you are in a pistachio tree growing zone, this is really the most important thing to find out at the beginning of your journey because it will affect a lot the growing of your tree. The ideal weather conditions for pistachios are long summers that are hot and dry, and a winter that bring chilling temperatures, it won’t survive place where the ground gets frozen.

They go into a dormant mode during the winter, to allow this dormant time to happen they will need to be at least 40 days in weather that is below 8 celsius. The arid environment is where pistachios thrive. So the trees don’t get along well in high humidity areas. In this sense, pistachios have the most narrow requirement list for growing conditions in comparison to other commercially grown nuts. The wind is responsible for the pollination of the flowers of the pistachio tree, so there should be breezes in the spring and summer where you decide to plant them, to allow a good harvest to happen.

Soil Requirements

This is the next thing to take into consideration. All soil types are possible for pistachio growth, but if it is a light, dry, sandy loam, deep soil, that is concentrated with calcium carbonate, you will really experience the plant thriving. Heavy, wet soils really won’t be tolerated by them. A soil that is well-draining is required. They can deal with soil that has a salinity level that is high.

Space Conditions

How the pistachio tree grows

Pistachio trees should be spaced 6 meters apart. If the distance between them is smaller than that, after a few years you will start to have a shadowing each other and overcrowded situation going on. And this can cause the quality and quantity of the crops to reduce significantly, apart from making harvest and pruning efforts harder.

The pollen is carried by the wind from the male trees to the bearing blossoms on female trees, because of that planting the male in a way that the usual winter direction allows for the pollen to be blown in the direction of the female trees. You will want to have 1 male tree for every 10 to 15 females.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Pistachios?

Growing pistachio trees is a process that requires patience and time. You will likely only see your first pistachio come from your tree after five years. This for the tree to start bringing pistachios. Then a good amount of pistachios will probably only start being produced after 7 to 8 years, peak production will be reached in 15 to 20 years time. Another thing that is good for you to know is that pistachios trees have an alternation type of behavior, so one year they will have a good heavy production and then go for nutrition storage which will result in a smaller crop in the next year.

How Much Water Does a Pistachio Tree Need?

Pistachio trees require a lot of water, especially in the summertime. For the tree to produce healthy nutritious nuts, the ground should be kept moist. But in the case of mature trees, the amount of water needed reduces significantly.

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