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Fri, Jul 16, 2021

The Best Landscaping around the Pool Ideas or How to Make Your Backyard Cozier

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The Best Landscaping around the Pool Ideas or How to Make Your Backyard Cozier Article Preview
pool landscaping ideas

The creation of unsurpassed and successful poolside landscaping designs requires a certain amount of attention to detail. The components of the site must be in harmony not only with the building and the swimming pool but also with the surrounding nature inherent in your region. Today we are going to tell you about the best landscaping around the pool ideas that will fit perfectly into your yard.

Pool Landscaping Ideas

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Succulents around the Pool

Given the unpretentiousness and the ability of succulents to integrate with other plants, in recent years, their popularity has been especially growing. They are often found growing near pools and are the best hardy plants around pools. They can be of different shapes, evergreen, or any other color. The only thing to pay attention to when choosing succulents if you want to plant them near the pool is to make sure they don’t have thorns. This can be especially dangerous if you have children or pets. To facilitate your choice, we advise you to take a closer look at such succulents as Cotyledon, Agave attenuata, Aeonium, Aptenia cordifolia, Dudleya, Crassula, Kalanchoe, Sedum, Senecio, Sempervivum. They are great for low-maintenance pool landscaping.

Ornamental Grass around the Pool

They look attractive near the pools and are quite unpretentious. We’re not talking about the kind of lawn grasses you might think of. Ornamental grasses include bamboo, reed, and sedges. We advise you to take a closer look at the following: Blue fescue, Fountain grass, Yellow foxtail grass, Bamboo, Giant reed, Zebra grass, Korean grass, Lemongrass.

Vines around the Pool

Vines are able to cover fences and walls. When planted in the right place, you can create a unique living wall that will definitely make your pool cozy. It’s also a great option if you want privacy around the pool so that the prying eyes of your neighbors don’t get there. The best options are: Trumpet vines, Jasmine, Carolina Jessamine, Passion Flower, and Lady Banks rose. They are quite unpretentious and can grow quickly. If there is a gazebo near the pool, then you can experiment with it, creating interesting living roofs or wrapping them around columns. If you are looking for good ideas for pool deck landscaping, then we also advise you to pay attention to the vines.

What about Trees?

If you are looking for pool-friendly plants and trees and are seriously thinking about the second, then you should pay special attention to the choice of trees, given the maximum width and height of growth. We recommend you to pay attention to those that will not randomly drop fruits, flowers or leaves, so as not to pollute the pool and the surrounding area. ​You can look at trees like Magnolia, Holly, Olive trees (non-fruit bearing), Windmill Palms, Citrus, Acacia, or Banana. The ideal option would be to plant trees so that they are at least 15 feet from the pool.

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Tropical Plants around Pool

This is a great option to create a small tropical paradise around your pool. This is something that a lot of homeowners resort to creating backyard privacy. But keep in mind that for these plants to grow well and look great, a suitable climate is needed. If your conditions allow, then we advise you to look at such plants as Canna, Papyrus, Bird of Paradise, Hibiscus, ginger, or various palms. This is truly one of the best landscaping ideas for pool areas.

Poolside Potted Plants

The area can also be easily landscaped due to the plants in the pots around the pool. Many homeowners choose this option because of the ability to constantly experiment, moving them from one place to another. An equally important argument is that due to bad weather or other circumstances, you can easily bring them into the house or move them under the roof or tree crowns. If you are thinking about just such an option, then we advise you to choose large pots or containers so that you can add several interesting textures or colors at once. In terms of maintenance, poolside potted plants will need extra watering as they will dry out faster than flower beds. You can choose plants that will cascade behind the pots, such as a Desert Broom, or opt for hanging plants, such as Creeping Jenny. Plants such as Euphorbia Characias, Penstemon, Verbena, Lantana, and Tufted Evening Primrose are definitely worth your attention.

Remember that potted plants must be able to withstand strong light reflections from the water. Even if the area around your pool is tiled or concrete, it can sometimes be too hot for the plants anyway. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to plants around the pool that are suitable for full sun and drought tolerance.

Shrubs around Pools

Poolside landscaping with such plants is an equally good option if you are not interested in growing trees or undersized plants. Or you already have both and want to add something new to your backyard landscape. For a Mediterranean-style pool, you can opt for evergreen perennial shrubs such as flowering shrubs, trumpet shrubs, or climbing roses. You can safely use them as an option for landscaping around the pool screen enclosure.

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Ground Cover around the Pool

Perhaps the most popular option. You can use Scotch Moss. This gorgeous evergreen ground cover is great as it won’t get damaged much if you walk on it. Moreover, during the flowering period, its buds are so small that they will not attract bees and other insects if you are worried about it.

Another option is artificial grass. It does not require any maintenance and is rightfully one of the best backyard pool landscape ideas since excessive walking or splashing chemicals on it will not affect the appearance in any way.

Desert Pool Landscape

If you are thinking about creating a small cozy oasis in your backyard, then plants with lots of greenery and yellow color should be used. To give them a desert look, you can put some light brownstones around the plants. Various succulents will not be superfluous.

Flower Beds around Swimming Pools

Flowers will also be a great addition to your landscape design. You can choose scented plants that will attract butterflies. It is important to choose resistant plants and be careful not to get splashed with chemicals. Poolside gardening takes some special attention, but if you follow all the requirements, you will be able to observe a luxurious colorful garden around your pool.


Today, lighting technologies do not stand still, and it is already possible to use lamps even underwater, creating a decorative and at the same time practical illumination of the water surface. Choose to light based on the theme of your landscape. If you have interesting tropical plants near the poolscape, then you can place accents on them by highlighting them. If you are looking for a more romantic design, you can hang garlands on bushes or trees. Another option is to place solar-powered lanterns around the perimeter, which will illuminate the path to the pool at night.

If you are the proud owner of a backyard pool, be sure to check out our landscaping options. These are great ways to make your backyard a fairy tale. If you are considering various plants as design elements, be sure to follow the rules of their care and choose drought-resistant plants.

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