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Mon, Dec 28, 2020

The Art of Growing Nasturtium – a Guide on Nasturtium Care

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The Art of Growing Nasturtium – a Guide on Nasturtium Care Article Preview

Flowers are definitely one of the most amazing things in nature. With their different colors and shapes, they just bring so much, beauty, joy, and sometimes fragrance to the environment around them. But there is another thing that flowers can offer that is not mentioned a lot in many circles, some flowers are eatable, they can be added as decorations in your cooking and can be eating and actually have a great taste, they go great in salads for example. The subject of today’s article is the nasturtium flower and it is one of the beauties that are eatable and I must say I have tried and it is delicious, it has a taste that it is hard to describe but it is definitely worth trying. And apart from that, it is a gorgeous flower. So if you are interested in growing nasturtiums, stick around because today I will give you some nasturtium growing tips.

The first thing I think is good to know about nasturtium growing conditions is that they can be grown in pots or directly on the ground. And since they have a lovely fragrance they will be great also to be put in vases in your home after cutting them. Their growth is easy and fast so that is a big plus. They are annual flowers.

Varieties of Nasturtium

There are more than 50 kinds of nasturtium that grow easily. Whichever one you decide to have in your garden the important thing is to remember that they should be placed in an area of the garden that gets either full or partial sunlight.

Planting Nasturtium

  • You can start by planting the seeds indoors about a month before the last frost of spring is set to happen.
  • When to plant nasturtium? They can be planted at the beginning of spring in an area that gets strong direct sunlight and in soil that is moist and has good drainage. All though, their blooming won’t be as good, it is possible to grow them in partial shade.
  • Do nasturtiums need full sun? Yes. Will nasturtiums grow in shade? Definitely not the best for them. Partial sunlight can also work but the blooming won’t happen as strongly as when they are exposed to full sun.
  • Poorer soil is the preference for nasturtiums, and unless the soil you have is poor to an extreme, they won’t be needing fertilizers. As contradictory as it might seem, soil that is too fertile will actually cause more foliage and less blooming.
  • You want to plant the seeds in a depth of 1,2 cm by spreading them 25 to 20 cm apart. In about 7 to 10 days, the plants should start appearing.
  • Plant seeds of nasturtium that are large straight into the location where they will permanently be, they don’t respond well to transplant. If the seeds must be started somewhere else to then be transplanted, peat pots may be used because you can plant them into the ground, by this avoiding the disturbance of the seedlings roots that are growing.
  • In order to get the germination going faster, you can manipulate the seed, the seed can be nicked or placed in lukewarm water to be soaked overnight. After that, it must be planted immediately in a container or in the garden in an area that will allow it enough space to grow. If you wish, in the planting area, a trellis can be placed if you have climbing varieties of nasturtium so you can facilitate that the climbing of the vines.

Nasturtium Care

nasturtium plant care
  • During their growing season, they should be regularly watered, being careful not to give them too much water and drown your plants.
  • You can prolong the blooming period by cutting off flowers that are getting faded or have died.
  • If your nasturtiums are being grown in containers, you might have to trim them back once in a while throughout the growing season.


If you want to keep your nasturtium growing in your home save their seeds, letting them get dried out on the vines, and collecting them after they fall off. Clean them, dry them, and keep them stored in a dark cool place inside a paper envelope, so when the next spring arrives you can replant them.

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