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Mon, Mar 15, 2021

The Most Beautiful Fast-Growing Flowers

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The Most Beautiful Fast-Growing Flowers Article Preview
fast growing flowers

When you get into gardening, it can be something that requires a lot of your time. The flower beds have to be prepared, the soil needs to be amended, cleared from weeds and debris, and maybe other preparations you like to use in your garden. When choosing the flowers you are going to cultivate in your garden you might wonder how long does it take to grow a flower, and what are the easiest flowers to grow from seed. Today I will take you on a tour of the fast-growing flowers universe, give a few examples of fast blooming flowers so you can get a better idea of what you want to grow in your garden.

Fast-Growing Flower Seeds

quick growing flowers

Quick blooming flowers are the shortest way to a gardener’s happiness. So if you already have that garden bed waiting to receive some seeds, which you would like to have full of blooming flowers by spring, adding fragrance and beauty to your garden, the best and the easiest path will be to pick the fastest blooming flowers from seed.

Fast-growing flowers are a great addition to any part of your garden where you would like to see forms and colors emerge adding beauty. And you will also have a supply of flowers for cuttings which you can arrange into fresh flower bouquets to decorate your home. And if you like to have fresh cuttings indoors you will want to have flowers that grow fast and are consistently producing. Quick growing flowers will also be great for fruit and vegetable crops because they attract and feed pollinators. So along with the beauty of the flowers, you will also have butterflies and hummingbirds flying around your garden.

Most seed packets don’t show the estimated days to maturity of the flowers, but in general annual flowers take around 95 days to grow from seed to flower. In the list, I will offer you here are flowers that start blooming between 60 to 70 days, when growing in conditions of spring, light frost is also tolerated by them. To begin the season with a head start you can start with the seeds indoors in late winter, under lights, and later cloches can be used to help the plants adjust to the conditions outdoors. So now the question is, what is the fastest-growing flower? Well, here is the list of some fast-growing flowering plants:

  1. Calendula. Calendula, also known as pot marigold, has been historically used as a healing herb for the skin, the dried petals of the calendula can also be used as a saffron replacement in the kitchen. In comparison to many other flower species, these quick-growing flowers, have broader leaves, which means that they quickly fill in and that they can be used as a cover crop that is flowering.
  2. Cornflowers. Cornflowers or bachelor’s buttons are not affected by varying spring weather, and their straight stems, develop at the end into blooming flowers that are loved by the bees. This fast-growing flower has edible petals, and the floral water resulting from the infusion of cornflowers can be used to soothe puffy eyes, it is a remedy that is becoming more and more popular in circles of skincare.
  3. Nasturtium. Now I must admit I have a soft spot for this one, nasturtiums are one of my favorite flowers. They are edible flowers and a very tasty one indeed. Bees and other pollinators are attracted by them, and they are commonly interplanted with tomatoes or cucumbers to keep pests away. The flowers and leaves of nasturtium are abundant in vitamin C and other nutrients.
  4. Johnny Jump-ups. Johnny-jump-ups are all known as mini-pansies, violas, and field pansies, these fast blooming flowers are resistant to frost. They go very well with other spring-blooming bulbs and are great at re-seeding.
  5. Nigella. The Nigella damascene, more commonly known as love in a mist, has this very delicate foliage that frames their pastel beautiful flowers, and the seed pods they mature into can be used as dried arrangements. These resilient plants steadily grow in cool weather in spring and begin blooming at the beginning of summer.
  6. Petunias. These flowers are quite easy to care for and they are also resistant to pests. They can be found in a wide range of colors, and also have a lovely fragrance. Some varieties like the ‘Old fashioned vining petunia’ emits at dusk a fragrance similar to lilies.
  7. Sunflowers. This might come as a surprise but sunflowers are cold-hardy, seedlings of sunflowers are able to survive frosts in the spring, which means that you can get an early start on your sunflowers which will definitely be rewarding later. There are varieties that bloom earlier like the Solar Flare and Jua Inca, these spring fast into maturity.
  8. Poppies. The fastest-growing poppies to be grown in the spring are the California poppies, it can take them only 60 days to grow from seed to flower. It might be a bit challenging to establish poppies in your garden, but that will be only in their first year, after that they are usually successful at re-seeding. Once these fast-blooming flowers are established they become a great source of rich in protein pollen for bees and other pollinators.
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