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Wed, Sep 08, 2021

Moon Garden Design Tips: Choosing the Right Plants and Decor

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Moon Garden Design Tips: Choosing the Right Plants and Decor Article Preview
Moon Garden Design Tips

The main idea in the implementation of the moon garden is to create such compositions from plants so when the sun sets, the unbridled beauty and charm of the light of the Earth’s satellite open up to us.

Usually, a garden design is made with the expectation that people would spend time in it during the day, in natural light. However, the modern reality is that very often the only time to rest for us is evening and even night. With the traditional approach, the owners, freed from the daytime hassle, have nothing to admire on their site: it makes no sense to peer into the dark distance of the garden because all the flowers have closed their cups, ornamental grasses are not visible in the darkness, and there is no desire to even leave the house. But there is a way out! Depending on your lifestyle, the moon garden is given more or less space on the site. It is usually sufficient to create a small corner specially designed for evening relaxation. More complicated is a complex solution, in which the appropriate arrangement of the entire territory of the site is thought out. However, it is much easier than it might seem at first glance. Let’s figure out what is a moon garden and what should be there.

Origins and History

The concept got its name because such a garden manifests itself as much as possible in the light of the moon. The idea was borrowed from oriental culture, where nighttime was used for meditation, and it was necessary to organize the space accordingly. The designers have learned to add visual, auditory, olfactory sensations natural for the evening and night to help achieve peace of mind and gain strength for a new day.

Since then, moon garden design ideas have become firmly rooted throughout the world.

Main Rules

Main Rules of moon garden

The first step in design is choosing a location. You must decide what size area you are willing to allocate for a night garden. Next, you should analyze which areas are well illuminated by the moon. Usually, this is an open area. It would be nice if there is a reservoir somewhere nearby.

Refuse options that involve the proximity of foreign lands, roads, and highways. Extraneous sounds can disrupt your privacy and knock down the emotional mood for relaxation.

Rest in the dark suggests the need to improve the functional qualities of the territory. First, the paths should be wide enough, even, of a light shade, so they can be clearly distinguished in the dark or twilight. This is both a convenience and a safety issue.

It is important to take care of safety on the shore of the reservoir. It is necessary to equip a practical handrail so that you or your child do not accidentally stumble, losing balance. A good solution would be to install decking so that the approach to the water is as comfortable as possible.

Sound as a Resource for Creating the Environment

The sound concept is based on the original silence and the absence of extraneous, annoying sounds. So, any pond is capable of creating splashes, murmurs overflow, etc. However, in each case, the sounds would be different. The waterfall gives a constant and monotonous hum, the fountain is distinguished by changes in the dynamics of sounds depending on the program that regulates the power of the jets, the change in their height, quantity, quality. The smooth surface of a pond or lake is usually calm, but can be enlivened by splashes of oars or aquatic creatures. It is also very likely that you would have to listen to frog concerts by the pond. If you run different types of fish into the pond, they can provide rare single splashes, which would be expressive and harmonious in the silence of the evening garden.

To create a rustling effect when the wind blows, it is worth planting dried flowers or cereals. Sounds of this type are meditative, they never get bored.

Color and Light

Sound as a Resource for Creating the Environment

Since in the dark, objects that reflect light are the best visible, the choice falls on white and silver. It is the white flowers and silvery leaves that would be best seen. White plantings can be diluted simply with light ones: lemon, pinkish, pale peach, lavender, etc.

You can complement the picture with white garden furniture, benches, garden sculptures as they would stand out against the background of dark thickets. Even if you’re exclusively attracted to the moonlight, artificial lighting is essential. Satisfactory illumination is given only by a full or close to the full moon. And since we can observe a bright moon for only a couple of days in a month, an alternative to this celestial luminary is simply necessary.

Thinking over the concept of landscape lighting, it is important not to fall into the desire to illuminate the site as much as possible. The main qualities of light: it should be diffused, soft, and at the same time sufficient.

Choosing Flowers for the Moon Garden

Flowers for the Moon Garden

Gardeners have a wide choice of suitable moon garden plants. When assessing how much a particular species is suitable for the embodiment of moon garden ideas, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Flowers should be white or, and herbs should be silvery.
  • Flowers should bloom in the evening or at night.
  • A strong and pleasant aroma is encouraged.

Annual Flowers for White Garden

Annuals bloom all season and can provide consistent, uninterrupted white blooms. Annuals such as Cosmos, Cleome, Nicotiana, sweet Alyssum, blooming Periwinkle, and petunias are great for moon landscaping.

Perennial Flowers for the Moon Garden

The selection of moon flower perennials is very large. Peonies, Iberian, carnations, irises of all kinds, daisies, lilies, foxgloves, Gaura lindheimeri, phlox, Boltonia, white Baptisia, flowering Anemone, and hellebores would be a precious decoration for any garden. If the conditions for delicate plants are not available in your area, then grow more winter-hardy plants such as jasmine or lantana (with white flowers of the variety) or Brugmansia.

Moon Flowers Blooming at Night

Also, do not forget about the flowers that bloom at night. As a rule, most of them have a strong, pleasant scent that only lifts your mood after a hard day at work. We recommend that you take a closer look at night plants such as Alyssum, Fragrant tobacco, or Matiolla. We have already talked about the beautiful plants blooming at night for the lunar garden, and you can find more details here.At first glance, it seems that it is very difficult to create such beauty. But it’s worth a try. You can start with a small white flower bed with the right plants, and then you would be drawn into this fascinating process. And as a result, a cozy corner can appear on the site to enjoy the magic of night nature with a beautiful moon.

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