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Mon, May 17, 2021

Banana Peel as an Original, Cheap, Effective Option Is a Banana Peel Fertilizer for Indoor Plants

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Banana Peel as an Original, Cheap, Effective Option Is a Banana Peel Fertilizer for Indoor Plants Article Preview
banana water for plants


Are banana peels good for plants? To increase soil fertility, amateur flower growers use natural ingredients. An original, cheap, effective option is banana peels for plants. You should not dispose of the inedible parts of exotic fruits: you can prepare several effective means for feeding flowers. And decoction and tinctures on banana peels help fight aphids and other pests of green spaces.

The article contains available, proven recipes and tips from florists.

The Benefits of Banana Water for Plants

The main wealth is mineral components:

  • potassium,
  • magnesium,
  • nitrogen,
  • phosphorus,
  • calcium.

Optimal intake of nutrients improves the development of decorative deciduous and beautifully flowering plants, supports the bark system, and normalizes the release of buds. It is no coincidence that when the petals fall, the decorative effect is lost, experienced flower growers advise adding potash fertilizers.

After studying the properties of the banana peel for plants, the waste turns into a valuable fertilizer (after the correct preparation of decoction and infusions). Roasting in the oven destroys bacteria in a natural nutrient enrichment agent. Dried and frozen peels are also used to increase soil fertility and repel pests.

Five Reasons to Use Banana Skins as Pot Soil Fertilizer:

banana peel uses garden
  • Natural product.
  • Does not contain toxic components and chemicals.
  • Rich composition.
  • Complex effect on soil and indoor plants, including repelling harmful insects.
  • Several simple fertilizer recipes, positive feedback from flower growers.

What Plants Benefit from Banana Peels?

What plants like banana peels? Like any folk remedy for increasing the nutritional value of the soil, improving the growth of indoor flowers, banana peels have pros and cons. Before using a natural product, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of useful waste, find proven recipes. An important nuance on which the benefits and harms of banana peels depend is the correct preparation of raw materials, the destruction of a thin protective layer of chemicals. So, are banana peels good for all plants?

Banana Peel Pros

  • Improves soil composition.
  • Enriches the soil with mineral components.
  • Activates the growth of decorative specimens.
  • Supports indoor flowers during the period of natural weakening of immunity.
  • Makes the soil looser.
  • Scares off aphids, worms, and other insects that parasitize plants.
  • Ease of preparation banana peels in water as fertilizer and use of folk remedies based on a banana peel.
  • Several proven products based on dry, fresh, frozen banana peels.
  • The cheapness of the method: the waste turns into fertilizer and a means for repelling insect pests of indoor plants.


  • Do not use unwashed fruits.
  • If the hostess forgets to remove the white fibers, rinse the peel thoroughly and wipe it dry, then instead of benefit, there will be harm to indoor flowers.
  • Banana scent often attracts ants.
  • It is important to adhere to the dosage: an excess of organic matter negatively affects the flowers.
  • Banana peel alone is indispensable: waste of exotic fruits cannot provide plants with all useful substances, other types of feeding are also needed.

Types of Fertilizers, Their Preparation

banana peel for plants

Banana peel plant fertilizer from fresh and frozen, dry skins. After preparation, the peel is peeled from fibers, cut into pieces, placed in the freezer, and oven. Then they are used to fertilize the soil in flower pots.

You should not use fresh banana skins: excess organic matter can harm the root system and the plant. For this reason, flower growers are advised to freeze or dry the natural product well, and only after processing it should be used as banana peels in soil.

Decoction and Infusions and Banana Water Fertilizer

What to do:

  • peel three fruits, cut not very finely, put in a liter jar;
  • pour water, do not clean in the cold, but you cannot keep the container in the heat;
  • after 48 hours, get the banana skins, strain the product, dilute with clean cold water in the same amount as the infusion;
  • banana peel water for plants is carried out once or twice every 7 days;
  • It is impossible to store the banana peel in water fertilizer for a long time, the remedy is prepared for one week, taking into account the number of indoor plants in the dwelling: one, two, three servings (and so on).

Banana Powder

You can ask: “I have a banana peel on the ground vine”? Do banana peels help plants grow? Cheap, affordable soil fertilizer. You will need exotic fruit skins (2-3 pieces) and some free time. The easiest method is to roast banana peels in the oven. Washed, wiped dry, the raw material is placed on a sheet, previously cut into pieces 3-4 cm long, placed in a preheated oven, the heat is reduced. Keep until the banana raw is dry until crisp and this way banana peel uses garden.

Combined Recipes

Other natural ingredients are added to banana skins to enhance the beneficial properties of home feeding. Some components (garlic, onion husks) not only enrich the soil with microelements but also repel harmful insects and ticks.

Fertilizer “3 in 1” – recipe:

  1. Prepare a banana peel from two or three fruits according to the rules, cut into several pieces, place in a bottle;
    add 2 tbsp to the container. l. dried nettle leaves, onion husks, and 1 tsp. garlic;
  2. Natural ingredients are poured with cold water, placed on the window, kept for 4 days;
  3. The strained agent is diluted with water (equal number of components);
  4. If the mistress of the house has few flowers, then half a portion of the ingredients is enough: the infusion can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than a week.


Some growers advise adding banana skins to a bucket of good, “greasy” as banana peel in soil. Chernozem + trace elements and minerals from a natural product is an excellent option for safe, effective fertilization.

Application Rules

It’s important to know which banana home remedy is best for a specific problem. Florists advise you to try two or three recipes, check which composition is more suitable for a room flower. It is imperative to remove chemicals from the surface of the skins, wash the raw materials, dry with a towel, get rid of numerous white fibers from the inside.

Precautions and Contraindications

banana peel in soil

The main point is to prevent soil contamination by using unwashed banana skins. Pesticides, chlorine, ammonium sulfate, ethylene are the substances with which bananas are processed for safety during transportation and to optimize ripening times. If toxic chemicals enter the soil, there will be no benefit to indoor plants.

There are no special restrictions on the use of natural fertilizers, but it is important to observe the concentration of the solution, not to use a too steep tincture or decoction. Organics are used with the same caution as synthetic drugs.

When using natural ingredients to improve the quality of the soil and repel insects, monitor the reaction of plants to the action of home remedies. When the condition of the flowers deteriorates, another type of natural dressing is selected, mixtures against aphids, mealybugs, and other parasites.

Application in Pest Control

Is banana peel good for plants? Some amateur flower growers recommend banana peels to ward off parasites that annoy indoor plants. Can the original insect repellent product be used? Sure! There are many positive reviews about the effectiveness of a peel-based decoction for spraying and watering indoor plants.

  1. Bury the dried peel in the ground when worms and aphids appear. For a medium-sized pot, two or three small pieces of banana peel are enough. The smell of exotic fruits repels many harmful insects. Fresh banana skins are not used: rotting of a natural product in the soil is not beneficial;
  2. Prepare an infusion based on garlic, onion peel, and banana peel. Take the first two components in 2 parts, the third ingredient (chopped) 1 part is enough. Insist natural ingredients in cool water for three days, remove fillers, filter. Spray the leaves twice a week, after clearing the greens and soil from the identified pests.

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