can you plant different pothos together
Fri, Nov 19, 2021

Can You Plant Different Pothos Together: Proven Tips for Gardeners

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Can You Plant Different Pothos Together: Proven Tips for Gardeners Article Preview
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Can you plant different pothos together? This question worries many gardeners who want to create an unusual combination of plants. It’s really easy to do this, but there are a couple of rules that should be followed by everyone who wants to create such an unusual composition of plants.

Grow Cuttings in a Jar First

The first step to successfully growing different pothos in one pot is to germinate the cuttings in water. To do this, cut the stalk about 5 inches from the end of the stem. It is best to do this in the spring, as enough light and warmth would stimulate the plant to grow new roots as soon as possible. Next, remove the lower leaves on the cutting, leaving about 2-3 leaves. Fill any suitable container (such as a jar or glass) with water and submerge the stem about 3-4 inches. Place the container by the window where the plant can receive bright indirect light, and wait about a month. You can add some liquid fertilizer every two weeks to further boost nitrogen levels. You need to change the water every week. Once you see the roots have sprouted and are at least 2-4 inches in length, then feel free to move on to the next step!

Transfer the Cuttings to the Pot

transplanting pothos

Before proceeding with transplanting pothos, make sure the roots have grown well. If you are still in doubt, we recommend that you wait for a little longer (a week or two until you see a satisfying result).

First, you need to find a suitable pot. For example, in a 5 “pot you can easily fit as many as 3 different pothos, while in a 7” pot you can fit up to 5 different cuttings. Fill a pot with good quality potting soil. Next, you need to make small holes in the soil where you want to place the cuttings. You can easily do this with your finger or with a stick. If you don’t want to bother with this, then you can do it easier: just pour a small amount of soil to cover the bottom of the pot, place the cuttings there, and carefully cover it with soil. Once you have placed all the cuttings in the pot, water the plants well. But never let the water stagnate. Make sure to drain off excess water.

For the first two weeks, the cuttings should be watered regularly, about every 3 days, so that they can grow well.

Tips for Gardener

can you plant pothos and philodendron together

You can easily mix pothos plants in one pot if you want to fill it or create an unusual decor. But keep in mind that different types of this plant can grow in different ways.

Remember to Prune Regularly

When you combine different pothos plants, you may find that some species (usually not variegated) grow faster than variegated. As a result, your plant composition may look disproportionate and not harmonious. If you are faced with such a problem, then simply take secateurs or sharp scissors and cut off excess stems that stand out too much or interfere with the neighboring plant. Be sure to disinfect instruments before use.

Try a Stake to Grow Pothos Upright

Another effective way to grow several plants in the same pot is to grow one of them upright using a growing stick. This may not only give a beautiful and unusual look to your composition, but also reduce the risk of your plants becoming entangled.

Repot Your Plants Every Year

If you plan to plant several pothos in one pot, then be prepared for the fact that you would have to replant them more often than if you were growing a single plant. The fact is that they can quickly fill a small pot, and they would no longer have enough nutrients. It is highly recommended repotting the plants in larger pots at least once a year. You can even combine the pothos with new cuttings of these plants. This is a great way to achieve lush greenery.

Can You Plant Pothos and Philodendrons Together?

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Yes, moreover, many gardeners do this. The advantage of this neighborhood is that over time, pothos can begin to lose lower leaves, and the philodendron can cover up the bare stems of its neighbor with its dense foliage. The living conditions of these plants in the house are very similar, so if you provide them with proper care, there are hardly any problems. But keep in mind that plants need to be moved to a larger pot at least once a year.

Mixed pothos in one pot is a perfect solution if you want to create an unusual composition. Considering that they need the same conditions, it is quite easy to care for them. Regular water and slow-release plant food in spring are all that these plants need for most of the year. If you have long wanted to place your pothos together, then feel free to try!

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