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Wed, Dec 23, 2020

China Doll Houseplant – How to Care for a China Doll Plant

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China Doll Houseplant – How to Care for a China Doll Plant Article Preview
China Doll Houseplant

Do you ever stop to admire the leaves? There are so many different shapes and colors of leaves, I always get surprised and take time to admire and take in the details and peculiarity of leaves. The china doll houseplant is a plant that has very beautiful, delicate, dark green, glossy leaves. And this makes them a very good addition to your home decor. So if you’re interested in finding out more about the china doll indoor plant, stick around and discover more about this beauty.

What is a China Doll plant? Native of southeast Asia subtropical areas, more precisely China and Taiwan, the China Doll Plants are actually evergreen trees. Belonging to the family of the Bignoniaceae, the china doll plant outside, in their natural conditions outdoors, can reach up to a height of 28 meters. But don’t worry it won’t grow that much indoors, when growing inside their tendency is to arrive at a height between 1,20 to 1,60 meters when matured.

How to Grow a China Doll Plant?

There are some specific conditions that are required for the growing process of the China Doll plants, so they have a chance of thriving when indoors, these conditions are important and shouldn’t be overlooked. The first very important thing that you want to know when you choose to grow China Doll indoors is that they need a lot of moisture and light, and when growing conditions are changed, they don’t respond well. It is common that their leaves will start falling, for example, if the conditions for their growth are not right or there is a sudden change to them.

Light Conditions

The light requirement for china doll plants, so they do well indoors, is indirect sunlight that is medium to bright. If you leave them exposed to full direct sun their leaves can get burned and start falling. If the light you get inside your home is not enough for the support of this plant you can always supplement light by using artificial grow light, this will help them to thrive.

Soil Conditions

Well-draining is the type of soil you want to use to plant your China Doll plant in. Most potting mixes that are sold will work for them, just make sure that it is a mixture that offers good water drainage. If you see that the soil is not draining properly, you can improve that by adding some sand or perlite to the mix.


In order for you to have a healthy, and happy China Doll plant you must water it regularly. When you see that the top 2 cm or so of soil is dry it means it’s time for some watering, this will vary according to the season and other conditions of your environment, so just keep an open eye so you know when your plant needs more water. After a while, you will start to know the frequency and be able to develop a watering routine for yourself. Another thing to watch out for in regard to watering is that you don’t give your plant too much water and drown your plant, they really don’t tolerate overwatering and their roots may start rotting if they are swimming around in the water.

Conditions of Environment

China Doll Houseplant

Remember China Doll Plants come from subtropical regions, so the type of weather that they like is humid and warm. The temperature that they must be kept in is between 18 to 23 celsius, it is possible for them to survive in home environments that are dry, but when they get that nice humidity you will be able to really see them thriving. What you can do to increase the humidity close to your China doll plant is place the plant in proximity to your home humidifier or mist it daily so it gets that good moist that it loves.

How to Trim a China Doll Plant?

When growing china doll plants indoors pruning is a crucial point. If you wish to keep their shape and avoid that they become leggy, you have to prune them regularly. It will also help size control of this plant when it’s indoors. When you prune them make sure that a couple of leaves are left on each of the stems so the roots get enough food and are encouraged to maintain healthy growth.

Is the China Doll Plant Toxic to Cats?

No. If kids and pets are part of your home, this plant is a good choice for you. But China Doll plants are still not a recommended snack so keep an eye on kids and pets when they are around it.

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