How To Care For Succulents
Sun, Nov 22, 2020

How to Care for Succulents from the Comfort of Your Own Home

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How to Care for Succulents from the Comfort of Your Own Home Article Preview
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Succulents are often associated with beginner gardeners as they have a reputation for being easy to care for. Their quirky shapes and miniature varieties regularly find their way into unsuspecting homes as housewarming gifts or birthday presents meaning the recipient has no idea how to care for succulents. This guide is for all those who have recently found themselves the new owner of a succulent, anyone desperate not to kill a houseplant for the third time running, and for people looking for a few tips and tricks to help your succulents thrive indoors.

Whilst most succulents adapt to indoor conditions well, brightly colored (think reds, oranges, purples. etc.) succulents would much rather be outside. So make sure when growing succulents indoors, that you opt for a green variety.

As with all indoor plants, there are a few essentials for ensuring successful growth and prolonging the life of your houseplant. Here you can read all about those essentials including: ‘How To Care For Succulents Indoors’, ‘How Much Light Do Succulents Need?’, ‘Do Succulents Need Soil?’ and ‘Watering Succulents Indoors’.

How to Care for Succulents Indoors?

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Succulents need very little care, but the care they receive must be correct otherwise they will die. When you’re growing succulents indoors the first thing you have to pay attention to is its environment. Is your succulent in the correct pot? Are the lighting conditions ideal? Is the temperature of the room suitable for growing succulents?

How to Plant Succulents in a Pot?

Even though it is unlikely you will be planting your succulents in a pot from scratch, considering most succulents are already potted when bought, it is still important to understand how to plant succulents in a pot in order to understand the ideal soil, and pot for your succulent.

We believe that when learning how to plant succulents indoors, the best way to grow succulents is to first find a small terracotta pot with good drainage holes. Your succulents will need a strong draining system in order to not drown once watered. If you are repotting a succulent from a nursery, then clean the soil off from the roots of your succulent before planting in a new home.

Fill your pot with either cactus soil or a mix between potting soil and sand to the ¾ mark and place your succulent cutting or baby succulent in the soil with the roots partly submerged. Pack in some of the remaining soil mix to completely cover the roots but be careful not to cover any of the greenery otherwise your succulent may rot. Many people choose to add a thin layer of tiny pebbles on top of the soil for decorative reasons and we think this may actually help your succulents to grow indoors.

Once you have re-potted your succulent, do not water immediately. Allow your succulent to acclimatize to its new environment before giving it its first water.

Watering Indoor Succulents

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Contrary to popular belief, succulents love water. Just not too much. We don’t recommend watering your succulents daily as this will drown your plant and cause root rot.

There Are Two Main Ways to Water a Succulent


The pouring method is the most commonly used watering method when watering indoor succulents. As you may have guessed it is simply pouring water onto the soil surrounding your succulent until it is completely soaked. If you choose to water your succulents using this method, then ensure you do not get water on the leaves of your plant and allow the top inch of soil to dry out between each watering.


The Soaking method is less common amongst indoor gardeners however is an excellent way to make sure your succulent is getting exactly the right amount of water each time. To soak your succulents, place your pot in a shallow tray and pour water into the tray. Watch as your succulent soaks up the water and once the top of the soil is wet it has the perfect amount. As with the pouring method wait until the top of the soil has dried out significantly before watering again.

How Much Light Do Succulents Need?

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Succulents adore sunlight. When growing succulents indoors they can easily become deprived of sunlight, so find a spot by a window that receives plenty of indirect sunlight for at least 8 hours per day. Succulents often grow towards the light, so remembering to rotate your plant every week or so will provide each part of your succulent with ample sunshine.

Now you’ve learned how to grow succulents, you may still be asking ‘how big do succulents grow?’. Most succulents are slow growers, so it will take a long time for you to see huge differences in growth. Succulents are a wide family of plants, some can grow quite large whilst others remain small enough to perch on your windowsill. Taking the time to carefully research the exact variety of succulents you have, will provide you with all the information you need about succulent growth.

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