is dog urine bad for plants
Wed, Feb 17, 2021

Is Dog Urine Bad for Plants?

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Is Dog Urine Bad for Plants? Article Preview
is dog urine bad for plants

People who have dogs know how great they are, great friends and companions, and it is amazing when we can have them in a space where they have a big yard to play and run around, rolling on the grass. But, can dog urine kill plants? Well, the effect of dog pee on grass is not so good, and it is likely just a matter of time before you start noticing those yellow spots on your lawn after your dogs have done their pee business there. It is an unavoidable issue but there are some things you can do to reduce the effects of dogs pee on your lawn. So if you want to find out how to save plants from dog urine, read on.

Will dog pee kill plants? As I have said above already, yes. But let’s talk about why. The first thing that I think is important for you to know is that it is totally natural for dogs pee to kill the grass. This happens due to the fact that dogs have nitrogen in their pee, naturally, just from the normal proteins breakdown process, when this liquid with this concentration of nitrogen hits the grass, the area where they peed can get ‘burned’. There are a lot of people who think that the damage caused has a relation to the pH level of the dog’s urine, thinking it has to do with the pee being acid, but that is not the reason. And there is actually a positive side, the grass around the spot will likely start looking greener because of these extra nutrients it will get.

How to Keep Dogs from Peeing on Plants?

does dog pee kill plants

Well, stopping them from peeing on your lawn and harming it all together is quite hard, but there are some things you can do in order to reduce the amount of impact. Here are a few:

  • Dilute it with water. So watering down might help reduce the effects on the grass. So after your dog does its pee business you can use a hose or watering can to add water to the spot. This will lessen the concentration, resulting in less damage.
  • Training your dog. You may use a training method based on positive reinforcement and based on rewards to train your dog to pee in a specific area or spot. The way to do this is every time they pee in the right place you give them a reward, and you ignore it when they pee anywhere else, in this learning phase when they pee in the wrong places it might be good for you to water them down. Don’t use punishments when the dog pees in the wrong place, for this can traumatize them and make them scared of peeing anywhere outside. Some people like to separate a specific section of the garden to be the dog toilet area, anyway you will need to train your dog to pee only in this area.
  • Consider having a pee post. It is possible to find in some pet shops posts that you can put in the ground that will serve as an encouragement for male dogs to pee there.
  • More water. So, it is anyway important to keep your dog hydrated. When you leave fresh, clean water for them they tend to drink more water, and when they are more hydrated, their pee becomes naturally more watered down. You can also try to add water to their food or give them a type of canned dog food that will make their pee more diluted, but this may end up causing them to pee a lot more.
  • Keep your lawn healthy. Taking care of your lawn is also good. Watering and feeding it regularly will make it more healthy which means that repairing the damage caused by dog pee will be easier. Just make sure that you feed it with pet-safe products.
  • Walking your dog. If you make it a habit to take your dog for a walk first thing in the morning, they will have a chance to pee somewhere else.

Is Using Supplements a Good Idea?

Using something that will disturb the natural balance of the pH of your dog’s pee is not such a good idea, and not an effective one either because as I wrote before, that is not what causes the brown/yellow patches anyway. And the supplementation can start causing all kinds of problems like bladder stones, infections, etc. So it is really best to use one of the other methods suggested above to reduce the impact of the pee on the lawn without harming your dog.

There are some products that claim they will stop the harmful effect of your dog’s pee on the lawn without altering their urine pH, ‘dog rocks’ for example. But if you are thinking of using this type of product, you should do really good research about it first. Anything that will unbalance the natural pH of your dog or mess up their stomach, should be avoided. Talk to your veterinarian before giving your dog anything of this type.

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