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Fertilizer for Indoor Flowers, as One of the Way to Bloom Your Plants All Year Round

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Fertilizer for Indoor Flowers, as One of the Way to Bloom Your Plants All Year Round Article Preview
indoor plant food


What is the best way to design a menu for a home flower collection, taking into account the tastes of plants? The soil for planting must necessarily contain the most necessary macro-micro elements – these are calcium, manganese, cobalt, nitrogen, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, and iron. Substances must be present in the amount necessary for a given flower and in the correct ratio, the flower will immediately let you know about this by yellowing if the leaves are wilting. One of the important conditions for choosing the best plant fertilizer is what kind of crop you plan to feed. Flowering plants need phosphorus and potassium feed, while beautiful-leaved plants need more organic indoor plant food with high nitrogen content.

There are many different products for feeding home flowers.

Top Fertilizers for Indoor Plants Are Mineral and Organic (Chemical and Natural)

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This type of indoor plant fertilizer is made from natural material. Plant waste, bird and animal droppings – such indoor plant food products contain the most necessary for development and growth, they act very gently, slowly, but continuously. Balanced houseplant fertilizer makes the soil more moisture-breathable, improves its performance, and stimulates active growth and flowering of plants. Their disadvantage is, as a rule, a strong unpleasant odor.

The Most Useful Are:

  • Natural waste from poultry and domestic animals such as cow dung (mullein) or bird droppings
  • Animal bone meal. It strengthens the root system well and promotes its proper development.
  • Flour made from algae. It contains growth hormones, develops resistance to pests
  • Phosphates make the composition of the planting soil much better Vegetable composts, humus, peat are very valuable
  • Wood ash is very useful for fertilization, it is rich in potassium and calcium
  • Earth after earthworms, or biohumus … It is even especially sold, such soil is loose, saturated with oxygen, has a lot of useful substances, it can be used simply as part of an earthen coma, and liquid humus in bottles is diluted with water and watered with a solution.


This type of houseplant fertilizer is made artificially, it also has its pros and cons. They act very quickly, are well absorbed due to precisely selected proportions, are odorless and do not leave stains.

Such fertilizers are easy to pick up; the label, as a rule, always says which elements are included in the composition in what percentage. They are

  • potassium
  • phosphate nitrogen
  • sometimes complex

Mineral groups of organic fertilizer for indoor plants are very useful when organic matter depletes itself, and the soil in which the flower grows is depleted. What is the best plant food? The mineral fertilizer as the best plant food can also be additionally added with trace elements or organic extracts. Disadvantage – if used incorrectly, chemical fertilizers can cause plant burns, and since the product is still artificial and not natural, they do not contain hormones and auxin growth substances.

Best Plant Food for Indoor Plants from the Store

liquid houseplant fertilizer

There are so many different bags, boxes, vials, and bottles sold in flower shops and kiosks that it is difficult to choose one. If a person does not know at all what flowers he has at home, then it is worth purchasing a universal fertilizer for indoor plants.

But if the buyer is determined to “feed” his green friend, then before going to the store, you should still prepare, open a directory, ask friends, use Google. When you know the name of a flower, in what conditions it grows in nature, then you can buy the right “food” for it. The shops usually sell mineral fertilizers. They come in powder, granules, nutritional tablets, sticks, or immediately in liquid form.

What Fertilizer to Choose?

When buying the right product, you need to know if this is a flowering plant or it attracts the eye with its bright lush greenery. There are different organic indoor plant fertilizers for these two types of pets.

Can I use indoor plant food spikes on outdoor plants? Flowering crops need to be fed so that they do not shed their buds and bloom longer. Ornamental-deciduous plants need a different ratio of components, for them, the brightness and juiciness of foliage are more important. This is one of the mistakes of beginner growers, the time is coming for flowering, but there are no flowers, although the growth is good, there are many shots, the leaves are juicy, but does not want to bloom. More often than not, it is not quite the right best fertilizer for houseplants. So, if you ask yourself which organic houseplant fertilizer for indoor flowers to choose, then you should answer something like this – choose a mineral fertilizing in liquid form, which is intended specifically for this type of plant.

Topdressing with Folk Remedies

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  • Sleepy ground coffee (even with sugar) is usually mixed with soil, it contains a lot of potassium, which supports immunity and is not liked by many pests. The earth ball becomes looser and lighter, and the smell of coffee will prevent the cat from digging the soil in the pots. It is only necessary to take into account that the acidity of the soil then increases, and this is not suitable for all crops. But azaleas, ferns, hydrangeas, fuchsias will feel great.
  • Tea brewing is a good top dressing, this is a sleeping tea or used tea bag. It is best to dry the tea leaves, take them out of the bags, then add them to the soil for planting. It improves the composition of the earthen coma.
  • The eggshell infusion can serve as a good feeding for indoor flowers. Many grandmothers collected the shells, keeping them in a cloth bag tied to a battery to dry them faster. Then it must be slightly crushed, poured into a jar, filled with water. Five days later, you can water the flowers with liquid houseplant fertilizer. This provides additional calcium and strengthens the flowers.
  • Onion peel infusion is useful for those who bring their flowers into the fresh air, garden, or balcony in the summer. There is a high probability of infection with various pests, aphids, spider mites. Infusion repels pests, and flowers are perceived as a real fertilizer, rich in minerals. Onion peels are useful even for people to take, there are many antioxidants and antiviral substance quercetin. It is best not to water the infusion, but to sprinkle the leaves themselves and the top layer of earth in the pot. You need to cook it like this – put a handful of husks in a saucepan, pour boiling water, cook for five minutes, let it brew for a couple of hours, strain, cool.
  • Or else – take 50 gr. husks, pour boiling water, and insist without cooking, you can also use a water bath.
  • Just put a clove of garlic in the ground in a pot with a flower, but in order not to sprout, it is better to cut it in half. Strengthens protect against fungal infection.
  • Water after washing meat or fish contains valuable nutrients. The solution must be filtered so that solid residues do not remain on the ground, otherwise, it will attract pests.
  • Potato broth is just a pantry of useful microelements and there is a lot of starch (you need to water it with a cooled broth). Starch for a plant is such a “stash of energy for a possible hunger strike”, flowers especially accumulate it in their organs responsible for reproduction – in seeds, tubers, bulbs.
  • You can also take ordinary aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid from the medicine cabinet, it helps flowers to resist diseases. For spraying, one tablet is enough for 1 liter. water to kill fungal filaments, powdery mildew, rust, and similar diseases.
  • Wood ash is a popular and affordable fertilizer, it is high in calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus. Ash can be mixed with the ground as part of the soil, or you can infuse water on it and water it as a fertilizer.
  • Fresh ash contains sulfites – they can harm green spaces, so ash should be used only after a few days since sulfites are converted into another compound – sulfates, which are just very useful to plants. One st. a spoonful of ash, add a liter of hot water and leave for at least a week, then use cacti and many other plants for watering.
  • Sugar, you can sprinkle the soil in a pot with sugar, or make a solution – a teaspoon of sugar in a glass of water. Do not overdo it, a lot of sugar can be bad for development. Such feeding is used when the plant is weakened, healthy and strong specimens do not need such feeding.
  • Instead of sugar, you can take glucose tablets.

How Do You Know If a Green Pet Needs Feeding?

  1. If there is little nitrogen – the leaves are smallish, wither, turn pale, feeding with ammonium sulfate, potassium, calcium, ammonium nitrate, or urea is indicated.
  2. If there is not enough phosphorus, then development slows down, develops worse, the leaves change color, becomes faded.
  3. If there is little potassium in the soil, yellowness appears, flowers do not appear, or are small and fall off quickly.
  4. The plant often suffers from fungal diseases. Forty percent potassium salt or potassium chloride is used. Fungal damage, delayed flowering, pallor of the leaves also often tell the grower about a lack of magnesium.
  5. Lack of sulfur can provoke wilting of the foliage.
  6. If there is not enough calcium, the flower grows sluggishly, new foliage dies off at the top. It is necessary to add calcium nitrate or sulphide to the top dressing.
  7. Lack of iron causes a pale yellow color of the leaves. It is advisable to feed with iron chloride or ferrous sulfate.
  8. With a lack of phosphorus, the leaves are darker than usual, their edges turn yellow, brown-violet spots appear on them, they curl, fall off. Any type of superphosphate and phosphate rock may help
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