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A Simple And Effective Way To Improve Your Home Ecology Is To Have Indoor Flowers And Shrubs

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A Simple And Effective Way To Improve Your Home Ecology Is To Have Indoor Flowers And Shrubs Article Preview
purify air plants

When decorating your home, purchasing furniture, and all decorative elements, we usually don’t think about the fact that the air quality in our house may change not for the better, so we need indoor plants to purify the air. It is all the fault of various substances that are capable of releasing our new clothes. Electrical appliances, laminate flooring, linoleum, and even ordinary paper napkins can contain traces of formaldehyde that come into contact with the air at home. Our indoor purifying plants will help in the fight for air quality. Many plants are able to purify the air at home, collecting dust, traces of smoke and other particles and heavy compounds that are hazardous to health.

You might ask, which plant purifies the air most carefully?

And what are these air-purifying plants? Here they are: easy to care for, beautiful, and able to significantly improve the air in the house. This article presents the best air purifying indoor plants with names.


air purifying indoor plants

Having settled indoors, Chlorophytum becomes its “light”: it collects carbon monoxide and many toxic substances from the air. In terms of removing formaldehyde from the air and releasing oxygen, it has no equal.

For many housewives, it seems too simple, but if you add an interesting planter or hang it on unusual support, you will understand that it is not as simple as it seemed at first. Chlorophytum, among air purifying indoor plants, is very unpretentious, multiplies easily, prefers diffused light, and is not susceptible to disease. Its leaves accumulate compounds of sulfur, benzene, carbon monoxide, nitrogen and formaldehyde, which are so generous in modern finishing materials. This unpretentious plant also has a bactericidal effect. In a day, it can completely cleanse the air from microorganisms. It is recommended to grow it in the kitchen. If activated carbon is added to the soil with a plant, then the protective properties will increase even more.

Benjamin’s ficus

purifying plants

After chlorophytum, Benjamin’s ficus (Ficus benjamina) is the best among indoor air purifying plants, which protect from dust and toxic compounds emitted by furniture and plastic objects.

An interesting feature of these purifying plants is that during the growth process, you can twist its trunks into a variety of bizarre shapes. Moreover, ficuses secrete phytoncides that kill microorganisms and saturate the air with oxygen. But since they produce oxygen in daylight, and absorb in the dark, you should not put a pot with this plant in the bedroom, and even more so in the nursery. The right place for purifying air plants is the kitchen and rooms facing the busy street. By the way, there is a popular belief that if there are no children in the family, then you need to grow a ficus – and they will appear.


indoor air purifying plants

The flowers of the spathiphyllum are often referred to as the “veil” by the hostess.

First, spathiphyllum is beautiful. The flowering period of this plant (also known as “female happiness”) lasts several months. It loves diffused light, it is optimal if you put it in the shade. Proper watering is important: in summer – abundant, in winter – moderate.

He is not only handsome but also very hardworking. It takes mold spores from the air, this plant cleans the air of such harmful substances as ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and trichlorethylene, which evaporate abundantly from the surfaces of lacquered furniture and chipboard panels.

It is also considered one of the best indoor plants for purifying air.

Indoor geranium, aka pelargonium

air purifying plants indoor

Despite the fact that pelargonium (Pelargonium) can adversely affect allergy sufferers, it still cannot be ignored, since this purifying plant is able to cope with pathogenic microbes and bacteria.

It’s all about its essential oils, which (in the absence of contraindications) have a beneficial effect on the human body. Geranium improves sleep and calms the nervous system.

Sansevieria, or “mother-in-law’s language”

air purifying plants for bathroom

This air purifying plant, popularly known as “mother-in-law’s tongue”, is an oxygen generator and is considered one of the most effective for air purification. It has a beneficial effect on the human immune system and protects against toxins released by synthetics and linoleum. Also, you cannot do without this indoor plant purify air where there is a lot of smoking and a lot of tobacco smoke. This is just an extraordinary plant. Scientifically proven to absorb nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde. For a nursery, kitchen, and for any room – a good purchase.

Bamboo palm (Hamedorea)

air purifying indoor plants with names

Hamedoreas (Chamaedorea) are very beautiful plants for air purifying, in the home garden, they will definitely be queens. This plant perfectly humidifies the air (due to which it is easier to breathe in the room), besides, it removes formaldehyde from it.

The name of this palm tree comes from two Greek words: dorea, which means “gift”, and chamai – “dwarf”. In fact, this “gift”, of course, is not so dwarf (at home it reaches 2 m in height), but it is very useful and beautiful. Take a closer look at such common species as Chamaedorea elegans and Chamaedorea elatior.

The bamboo palm tree feels good in a brightly lit room but does not like direct sunlight. The soil in the palm pot must be kept moist at all times. In the summer, it will not be superfluous to feed the plant with liquid universal fertilizer (once a month).


air purifying plant

It is generally accepted that gerbera is a useless plant and is purchased for beauty. In fact, they absorb benzene from the air and also improves sleep.

It can definitely be a good choice among air purifying plants for bathroom.


purifying plant

Cypress (Chamaecyparis) removes dust and negative ions from the air emitted by electrical appliances. And in return it gives us positive ions, thereby discharging the air.

These air purifying plants indoors make the air noticeably cleaner, fresher, and more pleasant.

Lemon and orange trees

lemon tree

Citrus fruits are one of the best plants for purifying the air. The air in the room where lemons and oranges grow is free of germs and bacteria.

The essential oils of this plant are very useful, they soothe the nervous system, and the air in the room seems to be saturated with freshness. For many people, lemon is very troublesome to care for, while someone grows just like that, without much effort.


plants for purifying air

Begonias (Begonia) grow in many apartments, and for good reason! They attract dust and make the air more humid. It is only necessary to spray begonia from a spray bottle so that a new portion of dust is absorbed by the plant, like a vacuum cleaner.

In addition, begonias kill most fungi and microbes from the air. They help to cope with the radiation of electrical appliances. And of course, beautiful flowers are a bonus to so many useful properties of these purify air plants .

Laurel noble

plants for air purifying

In the houses of Europe, laurel (Laurus) is by no means a rarity, but here it is a real curiosity. It is simply woven of utility. If you ask, how these plants purify the air? We can answer. The air will cleanse dust and germs and help with various diseases. Despite the outward simplicity, the plant is amazing in its healing and cleansing properties.


indoor plants purify air

Dieffenbachia is an evergreen shrub with a straight green stem and wide leaves with a “signature” pattern of green-yellow stripes. It can grow up to two meters in height, with the lower leaves likely to fall off and the plant to resemble a palm tree. This bush will be your salvation if you have laminate flooring, PVC linoleum or parquet covered with synthetic varnish at home. When exposed to sunlight, a “cocktail” of toluene and xylene begins to actively stand out from them. Dieffenbachia will absorb them with its green-yellow leaves.

For people with frequent lung diseases, Dieffenbachia will come in handy. It is capable of destroying staphylococci that cause various unpleasant diseases. So, these plants for purifying air, useful not only for this.


indoor plant purify air

Dracaena is also an excellent “orderly” of the air. This plant is presented in many varieties, including dracaena marginata and fragrant.

The first type, with leaves decorated with yellow stripes, reaches a height of one and a half meters. The fragrant dracaena grows up to three meters in height and looks like a small palm tree.

Eliminates formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, benzene and trichlorethylene from the air.

Care. It is important to remember that different types of dracaena relate to light and sunlight differently. Before buying indoor plants to purify air, you should find out its preferences. Universal rules – the soil in the dracaena pot should be moist, but not too wet. Under no circumstances should water be poured into the sump.


plants purify air

Probably everyone has aloe, and it’s not in vain. And if not, you should definitely get one.

Aloe will remove formaldehyde from new furniture from the air. And in case of diseases, this plant is so generally irreplaceable! It will help with a cold or a runny nose – it is enough to instill a few drops of juice into the nose for prevention and treatment.

Except that they are one of the best indoor plants to purify air, the phytoncides contained in aloe help relieve physical fatigue and stimulate brain activity.


air purify plants

The Schefflera is also worth mentioning. She is a real gift for a smoker, or rather for his non-smoking relatives. Not only “smokes” with you, inhaling tar and nicotine, but also neutralizes them.

Thest best plants to purify indoor air, very beautiful, belong to the largest genus of the Araliev family. And to grow a sheffler with a bright yellow-green color, you need a lot of diffused color.

Whatever plant you buy, the main thing is that you like each other. When buying, it is worth considering how toxic the plant is to children and animals, if any.

You can improve the efficiency of purifying indoor plants in removing air pollutants by adding activated carbon to the soil.

This list of the best plants to purify the air will not only make your office or home a more pleasant place but also improve air quality. Further research is focused on the effectiveness of best air purifying indoor plants in eliminating other common indoor air pollutants such as asbestos or pesticides, fungi and bacteria, fibers from clothing, furniture, draperies, and tobacco smoke.

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