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Mon, Jun 14, 2021

Flowers That Smell like Chocolate: Great Plant Options That Won’t Leave You Indifferent

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Flowers That Smell like Chocolate: Great Plant Options That Won’t Leave You Indifferent Article Preview

Flowers usually smell nice, and their sweetish aroma is liked not only by people but also by butterflies, bumblebees, and bees. Each plant attracts pollinating insects in its way, so all flowers have a different smell, but some stand out strongly against the rest – plants that smell like chocolate. Such flowers are always a welcome purchase for exotic lovers and are well suited for decorating flower beds. In this article, we will tell you about the most popular chocolate-scented flowers. Several plants and flowers can make a nice addition to your chocolate garden. Plant these perennials or annuals in your garden or in containers in your room, balcony where you can enjoy the chocolate aroma.

Berlandiera Lyrata (Chocolate Daisy)

chocolate orchid

This is an incredibly interesting plant that can grow up to 24in in height. Native to North America, this chocolate smelling flower is considered one of the strongest plant sources of chocolate flavor. For this reason, it is often called “Chocolate Flower”, “Chocolate Chamomile” as its petals resemble chamomile petals, only of a bright and rich yellow color. It grows better in a bright, sunny place, but it also tolerates partial shade. The smell is especially strong in the morning hours – what could be better for raising your mood in the morning? As the sun approaches its zenith and the air temperature rises, the aroma weakens and is almost not felt. Berlandiera is quite unpretentious and undemanding to the soil, grows best in bright light, but does not tolerate waterlogging. Well suited for growing both outdoors and in pots. If you follow all the rules of care, then at the beginning of June this beautiful plant will decorate your garden and enchant with a delicious chocolate aroma. And when they dry out by the fall, they acquire a milk chocolate color and also do not spoil the appearance of your chocolate garden.

Chocolate Cosmos

flower that smells like chocolate

This enchanting flower that smells like chocolate, also known as “Chocolate Cosmeya” and “Black Cosmeya”, not only exudes the sweet aroma of dark chocolate and vanilla but also looks amazing – its velvety red-burgundy petals will impress any gardener. This exotic flower, originally from sunny Mexico, can be successfully used in floristic compositions, in rock gardens, and in decorative flower beds. It feels best in warm areas with loose air-permeable soil, and does not tolerate frost well.

Chocolate Mint

chocolate scented flowers

Perennial herbaceous spicy-aromatic culture, a kind of peppermint. Has a more delicate taste and sweetish chocolate-vanilla aroma. Stems 13-17in high, straight, tetrahedral, firm, maroon color. The leaves are glossy, carved at the edges, with a sharp tip, with sufficient lighting they acquire a dark purple hue, veins, and the entire leaf plate. It blooms in early August. Chocolate mint, like all interspecific hybrids, needs shelter for the winter. Aggressives grow well in the sun and partial shade. It prefers moist soil rich in organic matter, so it feels great near water bodies and in lowlands. The optimal time for planting in early spring.

Carolina Allspice

chocolate smelling flower

This plant that smells like chocolate captivates many with its sweet, delicious aroma. You can catch this spicy scent from both flowers and leaves. Having planted it in your yard, you will be delighted not only by the beautiful burgundy flowers but also by the incredible chocolate aroma. The plant grows quite quickly and can grow up to 8 inches in height. If you choose to plant multiple shrubs side by side, be aware that there should be at least 4 inches of space between them, otherwise the plants simply won’t have enough space to grow comfortably. If the conditions for the comfortable growth of the plant meet the requirements, then already in the middle of spring, allspice of Carolina can begin to bloom and smell with a pleasantly sweet aroma. Please note that the plant tends to grow rather quickly under suitable conditions, which makes it possible to dig up seedlings and transplant them to other places. The plant grows well in partial shade and needs watering only during drought. Please note that some parts of the bush are poisonous, so it is categorically impossible to eat them.

Chocolate Vine (Akebia Quinata)

plant that smells like chocolate

Representatives of the genus are climbing vines, usually cultivated in gardens as ornamental plants. The flowers of the chocolate garden plant are purple or reddish-purple gathered in inflorescences and have a light chocolate smell. For this, Akebia is often called the Chocolate Vine. Its fruits are edible. It is a beautiful fast growing semi-evergreen liana with lacy foliage, more than 118 inches in height. Shoots are smooth, dull violet-purple, leaves are five-lobed, leathery. Small fragrant flowers bloom in April, monoecious, in short, alternate racemes. Fruits 2-3 inches long, oblong, fleshy, purple-violet with a waxy coating. Seeds are numerous, black, in several rows, immersed in the flesh of the fruit. Bloom time: April. The plant is resistant to diseases, has insecticidal properties. Akebia grows on almost any soil. It must be well-drained and hydrated. A medium-sized plant tolerates frost normally. We strongly recommend that you take a closer look at this plant, as for proper care this plant will endow you with an incredibly delicious aroma of chocolate.

Chocolate Orchid

orchid that smells like chocolate

This chocolate-scented orchid will not leave you indifferent. Just one plant is enough to fill your room with the pleasant aroma of chocolate. For your chocolate-smelling orchid to grow well, it must be placed in a place with good lighting, but keep in mind that you should avoid direct sunlight in the same way as full shade, as this will negatively affect the growth of the orchid. This plant also requires a fairly high level of humidity. The flower should also be hidden from drafts or too hot air. As for watering, you should adhere to the principle “it is better not to top up than overflow”. This is since an orchid tolerates a lack of moisture better, but an excess of moisture can even destroy the plant. On average, it is worth watering once every two weeks, but if the orchid does not bloom with proper care, then you can water even less often. When watering, you should also not spill water on the flowers, as this can cause the appearance of unattractive stains in the future. The plant can also be sprayed, but only on the underside of the leaf. The orchid also cannot be oversaturated with fertilizers. It is worth feeding every two weeks, but only during flowering, or when the leaves begin to grow. Even though this plant is quite capricious, it is not so difficult to follow these rules. The orchid that smells like chocolate is a great option that will not only smell delicious but also delight the eye!

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