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Wed, Dec 29, 2021

Choosing Gifts for Plant Lovers: 22 Best Ideas for Any Occasion

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Choosing Gifts for Plant Lovers: 22 Best Ideas for Any Occasion Article Preview
plant wish list

The range of goods for florists and gardeners is not so small, but choosing the right and at the same time original gift for plant lovers is quite difficult. We have taken into account the common needs of people who are partial to the art of growing plants and have compiled a list of gift ideas for all flower lovers. Let’s find out what to gift a plant lover.

Best Gifts for Plant Lovers


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Our list of great gifts for plant lovers starts with this great idea. The florarium is a whole apartment for flowers among flower pots. The stylish glass terrarium, thanks to the closed space, creates a special microclimate for plants, a kind of greenhouse or mini-greenhouse with high humidity and temperature ideal for the growth and development of tropical plants. The good imagination and loving hands of a florist can create beautiful flower arrangements in a glass vessel, turning it into a unique decoration for the home. It is an ideal plant gift idea!


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Another present for plant lovers that can be useful in everyday life. An air humidifier will help the grower to humidify the air dried out by batteries during the heating season and create a microclimate that is comfortable for the growth and life of plants. Plus, the undeniable health and wellness benefits of the entire family make the device a versatile and practical gift.

Smart Pot

gifts for indoor plant lovers

There is nothing unnatural in the way a florist talks to their beloved wards, but plants and flowers that communicate their needs and wishes are an unusual and even a little surprising sight. The smart flowerpot is equipped with a sensor that measures the level of humidity, illumination, and fertilization of the earth, sending all received data to a special application on the smartphone. And, if your favorite flower requires something, the pot will immediately notify the owner of this. Great gift for indoor plant lovers!

Plant Sensor

presents for plant lovers

Another indicator of the state of the soil, for the operation of which, unlike the previous option, you do not need to replant something anywhere. For the sensor to work, you need to stick it into the ground and get all the necessary information about humidity, illumination, and soil fertilization on your phone. The sensor allows you to know for sure how the plant feels and can be used with a large number of home flowers that require special attention.

Phyto Lamp

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We couldn’t help but add this item to our list of the best Christmas gifts for plant lovers. A lamp that can replace the sun can help houseplants, especially southern representatives, to easily endure the lack of sufficient natural light in winter, and their caring mistress to sleep peacefully. The phyto lamp is harmless to flowers, does not have ultraviolet radiation, does not leave burns, and is very economical. And the pleasant pink-purple lighting looks very magical and romantic.

Automatic Bird Shaped Plant Waterer

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If you are looking for what to buy for a plant lover, then we strongly recommend that you pay attention to this cutest gift! This is a small, but very useful bird that can water flowers itself during the absence of the owners of the house. To do this, fill a glass flask with water and stick it into the soil with a narrow nose. As the earth dries up, water flows into the pot, and the automatic irrigation device itself remains an elegant decoration.

Mini Pots and Flower Pots

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Beautiful mini pots allow you to dilute the numerous boring and large pots on the windowsill. Cute little animals and cars can become a temporary refuge for small shoots or a permanent place of residence for small cactus and decorative representatives of succulents.

Weed Remover

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There is a lot of work in the garden, so additional equipment for caring for the site would be appropriate as a gift for plant lovers. With the help of such a device, you can easily remove weeds from the roots without getting your hands dirty.

Cordless Grass Shears

plant gifts for plant lovers

Special scissors are designed for cutting small areas of bushes and grass. Unlike a lawnmower, the shears cover a small area, making them ideal for cutting shapes and small parts. The right tool in every gardener’s arsenal!


Free the windowsill from a large number of plants. A macramé is not only trendy and provides the trendy urban jungle look, but it is also super practical. Because you don’t take away any space for something else. That means the plant lover can let even more green roommates move in. Be sure to check out this lovely gift for plant lovers.

Gardener Apron

Perhaps your friend’s wish list contains a handy apron for plant care. A high-quality apron made of thick tarpaulin would please the fan of growing flowers and spending time in the garden more than anything else. Such an apron can protect clothes, keeping them clean and intact, and it also has convenient pockets for tools, so now you don’t have to carry everything in your hands.

Plant Mister

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Instead of a watering container, go for a glass mister, such as this undoubtedly lovely one that would make any plant lover drool. It’s not only attractive enough to deserve a place on the windowsill, but it’s also quite functional, allowing the user to manage how much water their plants receive.

Bag for Tools

A bag for storing and carrying tools is a must-have for any florist and gardener. The stylish and durable leather bag can become not only a useful thing at home, but also a stylish accessory for those who often work on the road. They are equipped with many departments inside for convenient placement of inventory of different sizes. Handmade craftsmen can make a present, taking into account individual wishes regarding the size, a number of pockets, and other parameters.

Figured Stand for Flower Pots

Original and at the same time functional decorations, which are directly related to the theme of flowers, can be an excellent option for gifts for houseplant lovers. There are a lot of ideas for decorative coasters in online stores – there is a choice for every taste and color.

Designer Flower Pots

Collectible plant pots are a unique gift for plant lovers. The pots can be an addition to the stand or act as a stand-alone presentation. Planting plants in such beautiful containers is a pleasure!

Label Markers

Another worthy option for a gift for garden lovers is special plant markers. When sowing seeds or planting seedlings, such markers will become an irreplaceable thing – you can sign the name and date of planting on them. A great idea for a gift for planters for both men and women.

Bonsai Starter Kit

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Still, thinking about what to get a plant lover that seems to have everything they need? How about a Bonsai Starter Kit? Give this starting kit to your plant-loving friend, and they will have everything they need to cultivate four gorgeous tiny trees. This kit comes with a money-back guarantee.

Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

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This is a great idea for gifts for succulent lovers. Keep the herb all year with this indoor hydroponic garden, which plant lovers can use to grow basil, parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil, and mint even when the weather outside is frightful.

Microgreens Growing Kit

plant lover gifts

Give the gift of fresh microgreens, such as spicy daikon radish, with this kit that makes indoor planting an easy task.

Caring Complex for Hands

Gardening is a work that is directly connected to the earth, and the skin, even when the hands are protected by gloves, is subject to drying out and roughness. A special complex for hand skin care based on essential oils will help maintain smoothness, moisture, prevent flaking and calluses.

Hanging Shelf

Have you run out of places for your plant lover to put their blossoms? A hanging shelf gives a new space for plants while also serving as a simple piece of decor.

Garden Furniture

A swing or sun lounger is a great gift for a garden lover for any occasion and for no reason. After all, what could be better than the long-awaited, and most importantly, comfortable outdoor recreation in the garden with contemplation of the results of your labor? Choose an ergonomic model with a soft seat, the presence of a visor is a big plus.

Whatever you pick as a gift, be sure to consider the quality of the product, especially when it comes to tools. To make the present pleasant and useful for your friend, ask them what exactly the person likes to do and what they lack for work or inspiration. And most importantly – give with love!

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