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Thu, Apr 01, 2021

National Gardening Month: What Gifts To Expect This Month, Read and Enjoy!

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National Gardening Month: What Gifts To Expect This Month, Read and Enjoy! Article Preview
national garden month resources

When is national lawn and garden month?

The USA is known for its strange and cute national celebrations, we have already written in our blog about National Puppy Day, but it is not the only case. The next celebration is coming as April is National Garden Month! This celebration is very popular, has a lot of followers, and even has a national gift from the garden month to offer to the participants. We would like to tell, that the beauty of nature- the main gist ever possible to have!

Spring is about to come, even though that the calendar says it is technically here. This is a perfect time to start looking at planting seeds and growing fruits and vegetables in your gardens. The national lawn and garden month will encourage you to start buying all needed tools and preparing the garden`s ground, as the change of weather can promise us a good growing season this year! Have no motivation to begin, then think about the taste and smell of freshly grown cucumbers and tomatoes, or maybe the sweet and juicy taste of strawberries and apples will tempt you to start preparation for April national garden month. This celebration has also another aim, which is to make people go out of their homes and enjoy the great weather, doing some physical exercises. Cultivating the soil is hard labor, however, after the work is done, seeing the result can definitely bring you satisfaction!

Gardens and lawns are not oases only for people. They are critical habitats for pollinators like birds, bees, beetles, bats, butterflies, and other animals are in need of this habitat.So, doing national garden month activities you will help nature and as a reward, you will have a pleasure to enjoy the yield.

History of the National Garden month

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Since ancient times, the garden has played a vital role in human culture and history, starting from the source of planting needed food and medicine plants, ending with the entertainment and leisure means. The gardens are a dialogue of natural and cultural origins. Their creation is an attempt to place the natural environment into the socio-cultural sphere. Gardens are also known for their role of growing natural medicinals for people. The word «garden» finds its roots back in the medieval languages, German, French, and English to be precise. The meaning of the word is a small piece of ground next to a building. Depending on the content and the purpose, there are different garden types, for example, Bonsai gardens with theirs symmetry and Fang Shui, Cactus gardens in arid regions, or gardens with a special aesthetic style, such as Dutch gardens full of tulips and vivid flowers and foliages. And these are not the only types, there are much more, therefore, Garden Month is the right time to do research on different types of gardens. On the occasion of the national garden month, you may also organize your own garden and make it as beautiful as you want!

How to celebrate National Garden Month

As it was mentioned above, you may start with reading and learning the different types of world gardens and their history and meaning. If you feel, that this topic is relevant and interesting for you and you are inspired to do something more, then you can proceed and make your perfect garden nearby your house. It may not be a large garden with all possible types of plants on it, you can start with a small piece of ground and make an oasis in the center of the big city. If you don’t have any space for such a plan, then you may organize a potted garden just in your flat, on the windowsills. Do not hesitate, start celebrating the month and make today a national gardening day!

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