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Fri, Oct 01, 2021

PlantLife App: Improved TikTok for Plant Parents and Their Green Kids

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PlantLife App: Improved TikTok for Plant Parents and Their Green Kids Article Preview
PlantLife App

PlantLife app is a new social platform that recently appeared in the App Store and is positioned as the first social network for plants. It is a startup developed by enthusiasts along with former colleagues from Nike and Apple. PlantLife has been launched with the goal of “to cultivate a community where plants and people thrive”. We have prepared a PlantLife review, where we tell you what this application is and what it is made for.

What is PlantLife

This app represents a new innovative social platform where plant lovers can communicate with each other, share experiences and knowledge, help with advice, and shop. Can’t identify some strange disease in your favorite plant, or want some proven care advice? Welcome! All this and even more you can easily find here.

What Is the Use of the App?

What is PlantLife app

The PlantLife founders, Taylor Vignali, Leslie Mullins, and Lana Pappas, aimed to create a social network focused on plants as a remedy for the toxicity of social networks. With the app, you can mark your connection with your favorite green friends. Case in point: when you set up your account, you make photos not only of yourself but also of your plants, while providing the plant name, age, species, and description. Once you find your plant in the database, you are presented with a detailed list of care instructions. At the moment, the app does not yet have automatic identification by photo (like in Plant. id), and you would have to search for your plant manually. But the founders have already announced that they might implement such a feature soon.

Among other things, PlantLife has the following useful functions:

  • As you browse through stories, videos, or pictures, you find original and syndicated content showcasing people living their best plant lives.
  • In the app, you can also book house calls with plant experts or take part in a workshop with experienced growers from all over the world.
  • Learn about new plants by following other growers, or track your progress by posting photos to your account. Also, don’t forget to tag the plants to inform other users about your lovely green babies.
  • Plant Clubs: Join a group or create your own to get to know other plant parents and learn about their hobbies.
  • The ability to exchange plants or seeds, sell them, or even open your store. This feature gives PlantLife an incredible advantage that sets it apart from others like it. The app team is looking to attract more small businesses to open their stores on the platform, as most of the plant industry is dominated by big box hardware stores. After all, it is not uncommon for experienced cultivation experts to lack the knowledge to create and promote digital platforms. This is an explanation of why it is so difficult to buy something online outside a few large corporations.


PlantLife social platform

The PlantLife social platform interface is a bit like TikTok: you also play vertically a stream of full-screen photos and clips of plants of all sizes and shapes. Even a person far from technology may find it quite easy to figure it out: everything is simple, convenient, and intuitive. Flipping through the feed you can ask all your questions, give advice, or simply discover new incredibly interesting plants, learning all their advantages and disadvantages, as well as various nuances in care.

The Registration Process and Orientation according to the Interests of the User

As soon as you open the app for the first time, the usual registration procedure awaits you, just like on any other platform: you choose a nickname and a picture on the theme of plants. Next, the app asks you to indicate which plant lover you are. Do you prefer more outdoor or indoor plants? Are you an advanced grower or just a beginner in the world of gardening? To find the content that is as close to you as possible, PlantLife also asks what you want to see in the feed. Are you interested in unusual landscape design ideas or want to learn all about creating the perfect orchard? Are you interested in sustainability, or crazy about camping and hiking? Or maybe all the above at once? Just specify it in the settings and enjoy useful and aesthetic content while creating your own.

In Summary: Is the Application Worth Your Attention?

If you are someone who is even slightly interested in plants, then definitely yes! This is a great opportunity to share your growing experience, get answers to your questions, and form a circle of like-minded people. By interacting with other growers, you exchange knowledge that would help you become ideal plant parents and build an ecological community.

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