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Valentine’s Day Plants Ideas: The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

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Valentine’s Day Plants Ideas: The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Article Preview

Many of us are looking for plants as presents to convey our love for family, friends, and significant ones as Valentine’s Day approaches. While nothing tops cut flowers for their magnificent blossoms and beautiful arrangements, we all know that their lifespan is short. Today we are going to share with you ideas of cute and unusual plant gifts on Valentine’s Day that will delight your significant other.

Valentine Plant Ideas

valentines day plants


The Anthurium, with its crimson, white, or pink blossoms, is the epitome of elegance and is a wonderful Valentine flower plant. The waxy (some say plastic-like) blossoms are made up of a heart-shaped spathe – a modified leaf that surrounds a flower cluster – and a phallic-looking center spadix. It’s worth noting, though, that not all anthuriums are the same: Anthurium andreanum, often known as the oilcloth flower or tail flower, is larger than Anthurium scherzerianum but considerably more difficult to maintain in the normal household. The latter requires constant moisture but not waterlogged soil, as well as typical room temperatures and high humidity.

Heart Fern

valentine flower plant

If your partner likes terrariums, then heart fern (Hemionitis arifolia) might be a great houseplant for Valentine’s Day! Fern-aficionados like this small plant for its glossy heart-shaped leaves borne high on thin black stems. Although it can rival the Delta maidenhair fern (Adiantum raddianum), it’s difficult to maintain the same level of humidity outside a terrarium: A wet bathroom is your best bet.

Hoya Hearts

romantic plants

If you are looking for romantic plants to give your loved one, be sure to check out Valentine’s hoya (Hoya kerrii), also known as the sweetheart plant. This little but wonderfully heart-shaped indoor plant is a traditional gift choice, what’s more, it means love! Why not the perfect gift? And, conveniently, it’s about as indestructible as houseplants do, as long as you don’t drown it in water. However, be aware that only a small percentage of these Hoya cuttings will develop beyond the initial single leaf. This may be excellent for those who have little windowsills, but it may disappoint others who hoped their plant would develop in tandem with their relationship.

String of Hearts

valentine plant ideas

The string of hearts (C. linearis subsp. woodii) was one of the most popular houseplants in 2017, and interest in this weird tiny trailing plant has not waned to this day. Because of this, it can be a bit difficult to find, but if you do, it’s a clever pick that will send any houseplant enthusiast’s heart-pounding far more dependably than a bouquet of red roses. Despite the fragile look of its heart-shaped, silver-engraved leaves carried on wire-thin stalks, this is a hardy plant that may be found in a variety of locations throughout the house.

Moth Orchids

house plants for valentine's day

Intense breeding of Phalaenopsis, or moth orchids, for the general market, has resulted in a plethora of opulent blooms, with the added benefit of lasting six months: considerably better value than a bouquet. Try the lovely magenta and white Magic Art, which is also mildly perfumed. If you buy a blue orchid, keep in mind that it has been dyed and will rebloom white.

Phalaenopsis is a type of orchid. Under natural conditions, it grows on trees and stones. Its flowers look like moths, which is why the plant is often called the “butterfly orchid.” Phalaenopsis are quite compact, they have a small size. It is unpretentious in care: it feels good at temperatures from + 15 °C to 25 °C. It should be watered when the substrate is completely dry. The plant can be placed on a sunny windowsill or in any other well-lit place in the apartment. In this case, it is better to remove the pot from the window when the flowers appear, so you will extend the flowering period. Also, for this, phalaenopsis should be fed with mineral fertilizers every 7 days. It blooms at any time of the year in cycles of 2-6 months.

Heartleaf Philodendron

indoor plants that mean love

Yes, another heart-shaped leaf, but this one is larger and more prominent. You may make a big statement with a huge specimen of heartleaf philodendron climbing up a moss pole. Because this fast-growing plant requires frequent watering, consider including a mister with the gift. The metal version by Haws is a design classic.



Consider presenting a forget-me-not to your sweetheart since, well, the name says it all. The water perennial has little pale blue blooms with soft golden centers that are about the size of a thumbnail. Remember that Forget-me-nots require a lot of water, so maintain the soil well-watered at all times.

Persian Cyclamen

Persian Cyclamen

This beauty serves a dual purpose: not only are its leaves heart-shaped, but its rounded petals also conjure up images of hearts. Persian cyclamen grow to approximately eight inches tall as a houseplant, are easy to care for, and bloom for weeks. Growing them from seed, on the other hand, requires a lot of patience. Plant Persian cyclamen in the late summer for a first bloom in the winter, around 18 months later.

Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum Jasminoides)

There are few aromas more pleasing than the sweet perfume of star jasmine floating through the air. Given its seductive charm, it’s no surprise that it’s regarded as a potent aphrodisiac by many. The woody perennial blooms in little white flowers and thrives in somewhat shady locations.

Venus Flytrap (Dionaea Muscipula)

Venus Flytrap

Venus flytrap is named after the Roman goddess of love and fertility, and it is most known for its carnivorous diet. Venus’s flytraps demand a lot of attention and should only be kept by someone who has a lot of gardening knowledge. They can be found in bog gardens when cultivated outdoors, but the circumstances may be replicated in humidity-controlled terrariums.

Bleeding Heart (Lamprocapnos Spectabilis)

Bleeding Heart

The pink, heart-shaped petals of a bleeding heart say ‘I love you’ like nothing else. The bleeding heart, which is endemic to Japan and Siberia, prefers shaded areas with well-drained soil. Watering too much in the winter and too little in the summer is a recipe for disaster.

Variegated Monstera

Variegated Monstera

If Instagram is any indication, the variegated Monstera deliciosa is the must-have houseplant. If your loved one is a plant fan, finding this one as a Valentine’s Day present will solidify your status as a mate who goes above and beyond. Compared to other species, Variegated monstera is more demanding on lighting and conditions. It grows slowly, it should be placed near the western or eastern windows to avoid burning or being in the shade for a long time.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

If your loved one doesn’t like red flowers, go for something orange, dark purple, and spiky instead. The Bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae), is a show-stopper of a houseplant with the added benefit of being an indoor-outdoor plant. In the summer, it can take a vacation in the garden or on the patio, offering an exotic touch wherever it goes. It’s also not as difficult to care for as it appears; simply give it plenty of light all year and a cold environment in the winter.

Pitcher Plants

Pitcher Plants

If you and your loved one are the kinds who would prefer a horror movie to the current rom-com, a carnivorous plant is an unusual present choice. Nepenthes ‘Bloody Mary’ is a petite hybrid pitcher plant with lovely tiny crimson pitchers. If you give it rainwater and sunlight, it should be able to capture a few flies for you.



Violets are cute plants that are often overlooked. Many flower growers consider them too simple. However, the violet has a lot of different species, while it can bloom for a very long time – sometimes up to 10 months. Long flowering is possible if you properly care for the flower. Water the plant several times a week in a pan: the violet itself takes the required amount of water. Top watering is not recommended, as with it the stems and leaves can rot and die. To prevent this, sometimes the soil is covered with moss. You can keep the plant in a well-lit place with diffused light, for example, on a windowsill on the north side. Fertilizers should be applied only during the active growth of the plant.



This plant blooms very beautifully, so it can replace a bouquet of roses. It is native to the tropics and requires special care. Flowering species must be kept in a well-lit place, for example, they can be placed on a windowsill. However, in summer, bright rays can leave burns on the leaves. When placed on a window, it is worth sheltering the plants from the cold and drafts.

Begonia prefers moist air, but it is not necessary to spray it – when water gets on the leaves, ugly spots appear. You need to water regularly and be sure to let the top layer of soil dry out. It is undesirable to flood the plant. The flowering period lasts almost the entire year, at this time begonias should be fed with fertilizers.

Houseplants are a great present for new plant lovers, and they may often be the start of a lifelong interest in plants. They’re also adaptable enough to please even the most seasoned gardeners, giving them the ultimate Valentine’s Day present which will please much longer than a couple of days.

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