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Fri, Jun 18, 2021

Flowers for a Man or Why Men Love Flowers and What Bouquet Is Better to Give to a Man

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Flowers for a Man or Why Men Love Flowers and What Bouquet Is Better to Give to a Man Article Preview
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Do guys like receiving flowers? Can I send flowers to a man? Women often ask such a question. The answer, however, is obvious – guys like flowers, and they love it when you give them flowers! How many flowers do male artists get: actors, singers, ballet stars, and so on. That is, when it comes to congratulating an athlete or artist, no one thinks about whether it is okay to give flowers to a man. And how do all other men differ from them? Nothing. They also like flowers, so if there is a desire to give a man a bouquet, you can safely go to the florist salon and find out what flowers are suitable for him.

American florists conducted a research “do guys like getting flowers” and found that six out of ten men are very fond of flowers and would be happy to receive a bouquet as a gift. However, this does not mean that the other 40% of men would be against receiving flowers as a gift. Flowers – that’s why they are flowers, to please all people. Therefore, flowers for men are not only an unusual gesture but also a pleasant one.

And yet, when you are looking for the perfect gift for a man, do you think about flowers? While many people do not even consider such a gesture, research shows that more and more men today are happy to receive flowers as gifts from their wives, girls, and families. Flowers are not only a charming romantic gesture but also a piece of nature on the bedside table or in the office. In addition, the bouquet is a symbol of celebration and joy. Today we will tell you what kind of flowers to give a man.

What Holidays Can You Congratulate a Man with a Bouquet?

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You can congratulate a man with flowers on personal and professional holidays. It is customary to give bouquets during the awarding ceremony for special merit. The most common reasons for presenting flowers to a man: flowers for men’s birthdays, anniversaries, premieres, corporate parties. But don’t forget that giving flowers to a boyfriend for no reason is also a great idea.

You can congratulate your father, grandfather, uncle with flowers. An unusual bouquet with a hint can be presented to your beloved boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Flowers will be a great addition to any gift, as well as make congratulations complete.

Choosing flowers for guys should take into account the occasion. The larger the celebration is, the more luxurious the floral arrangement should be.

Flowers are often congratulated on teachers, for example. In this case, the bouquet is presented as a sign of respect and gratitude. Flowers can also be used to show sympathy and interest.

For some men, flowers have a special meaning. They believe in the magical meaning of each plant. It is a pleasure to give bouquets to such men because in each flower they will find something useful and exciting for themselves.

But also, you do not need to have a reason to give flowers to a man. It’s enough just to have the desire to please your man on an ordinary day. For example, if you were wondering, “is it ok to send a man flowers at work?” Then the answer will be yes. After all, who is not happy with flowers? Especially in the middle of an ordinary gray day.

Of course, not every man will appreciate a composition of bush roses or lisianthus, so let’s decide what kind of flowers to send a man.

Male Flower Arrangements Design

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A bouquet for a man should be simple and concise – a minimum of decorative details and the complete exclusion of all kinds of beads, rhinestones, glitters, and other female attributes.

The original design of the bouquet can be diversified with an interesting accessory, relevant on the occasion of the upcoming celebration.

Bouquet Color

Men should be given bouquets of buds of the same color. Young guys can choose a bright and laconic composition, but middle-aged men are better off choosing flowers in discreet shades.

Phlegmatic men will appreciate the colors of neutral colors, and expressive personalities will be delighted with bright colorful flowers of rich shades.

In What Colors to Choose a Masculine Flower Bouquet?

Men can be presented with flowers of any dark shades (red, burgundy, scarlet, purple, blue) or snow-white. If this is a bouquet in which different tones are combined, then it is better to give preference to two-color or at most three-color compositions. The predominant color should be dark, and the secondary color should be light, contrasting.

In the language of flowers, colors mean the following:

  • red – activity, love, sexuality, aspiration;
  • dark pink – gratitude, appreciation, respect;
  • golden tones – prosperity in business, success;
  • yellow – happiness, joy, friendship;
  • blue – a symbol of the fulfillment of dreams;
  • purple – a sign of unpredictability and greatness.

If you need to express several feelings with one bouquet, you can add a contrasting ribbon of the required color to the flowers.

Bouquet Shape

Men should choose bouquets of strict geometric, slightly elongated shapes, or original compositions of an asymmetric assembly.

Decoration and Packaging

Bouquets for the stronger sex are arranged strictly and concisely, without pretentious details, bright bows, and shiny decors. Flowers can be supplemented with sprigs of greenery. The design uses a contrasting color paper or transparent packaging.

Now you know a lot of information about men’s bouquets. But will you apply this information in real life? We hope so. How about sending your man flowers to work tomorrow? Or prepare a beautiful bouquet for him that will stand beautifully in a vase and wait for your man to come?

Summing up these considerations, we can say one thing – do not be afraid. Don’t be afraid to give flowers to men. Don’t be afraid to choose unusual flowers and colors. Feel free to experiment with shape and capacity. Surprise your men on holidays and more. Your man will never forget this pleasant gesture!

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