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Greetings to all gardening lovers! If you are reading this, then you are a real fan of plants, caring for them and everything related to it. But still, real amateurs and even experts may sooner or later have difficulties or typical questions. For example: what soil is suitable for a particular plant, which flower pots to buy, when is it better to set it, and how often to water it. But most importantly, how to properly care for the plant so that it lives its long life and delighted your eyes with its beautiful appearance as long as possible.

The very idea of ​​creating such a place where all people, whose passion is gardening, can gather did not appear accidentally. Over the years, our team has studied the secrets of gardening and we managed to find and collect a wide variety of ideas. And we are ready and want to share this knowledge with you. After all, in order to understand everything about herbs, you need to find out different opinions and choose for yourself the one you and suits you best.

Here you will learn about different types of plants, how to plant them correctly and not to damage, which of them grow quickly and which do not… And also discover composts that will help your plant grow better and be healthy or save it from small pests in your garden. But even if you are not a newbie, you will definitely be interested to know where else you can use plants besides outdoors. For instance, you can find a perfect spot for it in the interior of your house or even office. Find out what plants are the best for this: large, small, or medium. Read and learn not only about growing herbs but also vegetables. And if you have a pet, it will be interesting and important for you to study which plants are pet-safe. And you will definitely like the guides we have picked up special for you. For example, how to make your own beautiful terrarium right in your house and other extraordinary stuff for your interior. Discover this and much more and enjoy the beautiful plants around you.

Yes, we know how you can and should raise green children both at home and outdoors

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