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Choosing the Best Ground Cover Plant: 25 Stunning Options for Your Garden

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Choosing the Best Ground Cover Plant: 25 Stunning Options for Your Garden Article Preview
lily of the valley

Ground cover plants are indispensable in the modern garden. They help to change the look of the most unsightly corner of the garden, as many of them grow even in the shade. We have selected 25 different options for you, differing in size, height, shape, and color of flowers. But what unites them is that they are quite easy to care for. Let’s find out about them!

25 Best Ground Covers for Full Sun

White Alyssum

drought tolerant ground cover

This drought-resistant ground cover is a good option to complement empty areas of your garden where flowers or other plants are not yet growing. It tolerates heat well and grows well in full sun, and is not picky about leaving. And small white flowers will be an excellent decoration for any landscape.

Lily of the Valley

perennial ground cover

This incredibly cute fragrant ground cover is pretty easy to care for. It is best planted in partial shade, such as near lush bushes or trees, but it can also tolerate the morning sun just fine. Note that this is a fairly fast-spreading ground cover so it’s best to keep it under control.

Creeping Mazus

fast growing ground cover

This drought-tolerant ground-cover plant grows well in full sun. You can see small cute blue flowers during the flowering period, which begins in mid-spring. It is not picky about leaving.

Chamaemelum Nobile

ground cover plants full sun

Many gardeners adore this ground cover for its low maintenance and full sun love. You can plant both annuals and perennials. The only thing to remember is to do regular pruning if you don’t want this heat-tolerant ground cover to spill over into your entire yard. Either way, its charming flowers will add comfort to any garden.

Thyme Blossoms

fast spreading ground cover

This full sun perennial ground cover is not only the perfect decoration for your garden but also a delicious addition to your meals. How about a refreshing homemade lemonade in the sultry heat with a sprig of thyme that you can grab straight from your yard? Sounds tempting! A nice bonus: the plant is not whimsical to care for, and you will not have any problems with growing!


drought resistant ground cover

Incredibly interesting, this ground cover for sunny areas is very popular due to its clusters of crisp white flowers and its simple maintenance requirements. If you choose to plant it in your garden, keep in mind that it needs well-drained soil to grow better.

Cerastium Tomentosum

ground covers for sunny areas

The drought-tolerant ground cover, which resembles snow drifts with its snow-white flowers, will be a wonderful decorative addition to your garden. This perennial, as a rule, begins to bloom in early summer and does not like high humidity. But it grows well in shallow rocky soil.


low maintenance ground cover full sun

This perennial looks like ground foliage in beautiful reds. When it blooms, which usually happens in early spring, you can observe beautiful flowers that resemble fairy wings in their appearance. It is frost-hardy, perfectly tolerates arid conditions, but prefers partial shade.

Sedum ‘Dragon’s Blood’

fragrant ground cover

This hardy plant got its interesting name for its bright red color. This is a great option for those who want to observe such beauty all year round. It grows well in full sun and does not require complex maintenance. This is a great option as a rock garden ground cover.

Sempervivum Tectorum

perennial ground cover full sun

This sun-loving ground cover will brighten your garden with interesting colors of green, red, and blue flowers during the blooming season. Despite the great variety of cultivars, none of them will grow taller than 10 inches in height. They are frost-resistant, caring for them does not require much effort.


sun loving ground cover

This perennial plant can be a great alternative to a low-growing lawn for almost any climate. Will be a great decoration for any garden thanks to its chocolate, bronze, and dark green glossy leaves. And during the summer months, you can see small pink, purple, white, and blue flowers. Grows well in full sun.


ground cover for sandy soil

Periwinkle belongs to an evergreen perennial ground cover with a height of 4-6 in. It is very unpretentious, grows quickly, forming a dense carpet of dark green color. During the flowering period, decorate your garden with beautiful five-leafed blue and purple flowers.


full sun moss ground cover

Ivy is a ground cover that grows well in full sun. Evergreen creeping vine can grow both vertically and spread over the soil. The main thing for the plant is sufficient soil moisture. Possesses not very high frost resistance.


tropical ground cover plants

Cold-resistant perennial up to 6 inches high, requiring frequent watering, sunny areas, and nutritious soils. Grown by sowing seeds in a permanent place, since it does not tolerate transplants. It blooms from May to July, adorning the landscape with bright purple flowers.

Anemone Canadensis

heat tolerant ground cover

These ground cover perennials will brighten your garden with small white flowers during flowering. Grows well in full sun and moist soil. It is typically less than two feet tall, making it a great option for your backyard.


ivy ground cover full sun

A great option if you are looking for tropical ground cover plants. Thanks to its interesting shapes and unusual colors, this plant will adorn any garden. Loves full sun, tolerates drought well, and multiplies easily by division.


ground foliage

An interesting ground cover for sandy soil will be an unusual decoration for your garden. The light pink buds of this plant resemble the pads of a cat’s paws, for which many gardeners are especially fond. They are resistant to drought, do not require complex care. And during the flowering period, it attracts many beautiful butterflies.



The undersized fast-growing ground cover will brighten the garden with gorgeous flowers that open up in the sun and close in the shade. Depending on the variety, the flowers can be white, orange, or bright purple.

Pincushion Moss

Pincushion Moss

If you are looking for moss ground cover for full sun then this is what you need! This species stands out for its good drought tolerance. Planting it in your backyard will give you gorgeous green carpets that are easy to maintain. We advise you to see for yourself the attractiveness of this plant.



What you might find in your grandmother’s garden, Dianthus is the oldest centuries-old plant with a mild vanilla scent. Its leaves resemble petals that have been cut with scissors. And this beautiful ground cover varies in size from a little to two feet in height. For this plant to bloom better, it must be placed in a sunny place.

Black Mondo Grass

Black Mondo Grass

Quite an extravagant option, but insanely beautiful nonetheless. It is an evergreen perennial that loves full sun. Despite its unusual appearance, it is quite easy to care for it.



This plant forms thick clumps of foliage. During sunny summer days, this green grass blooms with small pretty flowers that attract pollinating insects of different species. You can prune the plant from time to time to control the height.

Creeping Phlox

Creeping Phlox

Amazingly beautiful flowers that shimmer in different shades, depending on the variety. The most common are blue, pink, magenta, white, and light blue. Grows well in full sun and is drought tolerant.

Sea Thrift

Sea Thrift

A perennial plant, and which few have heard. Nevertheless, it is very cute. It has small attractive mounds with grassy foliage, as well as tiny flowers in the shape of a ball. These flowers appear from the end of spring or the beginning of summer. The plant loves the full sun.

Mondo Grass

Mondo Grass

This cute glossy plant can be found anywhere but is especially popular in the southern states. Mondo Grass grows in small groups and needs full sun and moist soil.

Our list has come to an end, and we hope you have already found some favorites from this wide selection. Ground cover plants are a really great option to fill the void in your garden and decorate it with gorgeous floral rugs.

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